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Adoptable Dogs

April 23, 2022


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Written by: Zach

Otie is our most tenured Mutt, except of course for Marley, Tug and Buddy. She lost both of her parents to the disease of addiction and wound up guarding an empty house. Dad and I took sympathy right away (for obvious reasons) and some neighbors brought her up to the house. The first thing we noticed when she arrived was how beautiful she was, the second was how powerful she was. She is mostly Saint Bernard but she’s agile and quick, not cumbersome and deliberate, which makes her a lot of fun to be around but also requires a firm personality to communicate with her. She had received zero socialization and was basically confined to a yard and used as an impediment to any would be burglar or miscreant. This trauma during her formative years has left her weary of other dogs and, needless to say, a VERY GOOD guard dog. Because of her size and motivation, we have not been able to get her consistently comfortable with other dogs but she LOVES people and is a relatively versatile dog. In fact, she is my best running partner, better than some of the labs I have had, better than Baloo, and a total joy to hit the open road with. For a 4 year old, big girl (about 135lbs), she has surprising stamina and will walk or run with you until she drops. She is easily controllable on a leash, particularly if that person is accustomed to walking large dogs. Otie actually prefers to be outside and “do her thing” which s patrol the fence line and guard the property. Otie lives to play fetch and to get “furbinated” which is a fancy brush that removes her undercoat. Needless to say, she sheds a lot, but considering that she prefers to be outside, this shouldn’t be a problem. If you are interested in adding the worlds greatest guard dog to your family, please fill out an application below

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Otie Adoption Application
  • Marley’s Mutts is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization. Marley’s Mutts rescues animals who have been abused as we as animals who are just in need of a caring permanent home. Under California Penal Code §597 (§597A, §597I, §597T, and §599A); Cruelty to animals is punishable as a misdemeanor, a felony, or by a fine of not more thank twenty thousand dollars ($20,000). The following Questions are very important because it helps us ensure that you and the dog remain safe and happy. Please answer all the questions honestly. This information will only be used to find the best match for you and your family.

    Please note:

    Filling out an adoption application does NOT mean you will be adopting the dog you are considering.

    Due to the high volume of applications we will only be able to respond to those who have been selected to adopt.

    We will review all applications and pick the right family for the right dog.

    Incomplete forms will be discarded and not reviewed.



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  1. Veca Daina

    Awwwww…so many sad stories and this especially sad one. what a cutie..

  2. Deanna

    Please call me, I would love to talk to you about Otie and how she gets along with other dogs. We have a 13 year old border collie mix.
    Thank you,

  3. Judy Stevens

    Call or email Zach.

  4. candace booth

    so pretty

  5. Krysta Cortez

    I filled out an application to adopt otie and am aware it may take some time to process or that we may not be a proper fit, but we’d like some more info about her and we’d like to come up and meet her if possible.

  6. Bob Guere

    Sorry for the long delay in responding. We’re working hard to be on top of comments… I know it’s been quite some time, but I’m passing your note on to our adoptions coordinators.

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