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Success Stories

October 28, 2021

Jude is ADOPTED!!!

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Written by: Zach


“HEY, JUDE!!!” What can I say about Jude getting adopted yesterday?… It is OUR GREATEST SUCCESS STORY to date!! Our Facebook wasn’t really up and running then so it wasn’t very widely reported. Jude was sicker then Oasis, sicker than Gary, sicker then any other dog we’d ever had. Jude weighed 20lbs when he came in and was dripping from head to toe- a condition caused by serious infection, malnutrition and an autoimmune disease. It took over a month just to diagnose Jude and we thought that we could lose him at any moment. Diagnosis by dermatologist, careful, steady, medicating and nearly 3 MONTHS at the Tehachapi Vet Hospital was the winning combination that finally turned Jude’s life around. “HEY, JUDE” became our battle cry and-slowly but surely- he started to turn metamorphasize into a normal dog. My Dad took on the responsibility of Jude’s care and did an unbelievable job. The steroids Jude was on made him a royal pain in the ass and house-training took nearly a year. Dad (like only my Dad can do) rolled with the punches and took it one day at a time with a smile on his face. My Dad is no dog behavioralist but he is a natural-born dog lover, whose warmth, compassion, and detection has helped dozens of dogs get better and get adopted. They all get adopted- eventually- and Jude’s more than 2 year odyssey was hard fought and brutal at times, but we did it! Jude’s final foster, Leslie, turned Jude into an entirely different dog- for the better. The structure she provided along with immense doses of care transformed Jude into a seemingly regular dog that barely suffered from a disease. His doses were cut by 1/10th and a light in Jude’s eyes began to emerge. We are so grateful that folks like Leslie would take the time to apply themselves, selflessly to a dog like Jude and facilitate his transformation and adoption. Thanks everybody, quite a VICTORY!! Go get em’ JUDE!!


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  1. Mo Hymer

    I would like to adopt Jude. I fell in love with him when he was still sick at the Walgreens in Tehachapi, and he let me kiss and hug him. please call me-Mo Hy7mer 661-699-6691

  2. Judy Stevens

    Mo, Zach isn’t able to come on this site frequently to read the comments. Best best is to do as suggested in the post: call him and leave a message so he can get back to you.

    website mgr

  3. Russ

    Hi Judy:

    Has Jude been adopted, and if not, does he get along with other pups? I have a beagle and Rat Terrier and would be interested in Jude.


  4. Judy Stevens

    Russ, I’ve seen Jude with other dogs and he seems to be fine. But … I’ve not been around Jude enough to give you a definitive answer. Best bet is to telephone Zach or email him at

  5. Judith

    Thanks for the stories of these wonderful anmimals, GOD’s creation, His creatures to be loved for they return love. Very grateful for what you are doing for animals need to be rescued into a loving place to get another chance with a person or family that will bring joy into their lives and ours.

  6. julieanne

    I saw Jude…and I felt he was supposed to be with me:-).. I am going to fill out the adoption application… I hope to be able to bring him home soon!

  7. Sally

    God Bless you for the work you do for these animals. I can’t help but wonder who could have witnessed this animals condition and not done something sooner? He must have begged for food and attention, right? Guess we will never know what goes wrong with people who are in a position to help and don’t. You and medical staff have worked miracles here. May you live long and prosper with that kind of love in your hearts!

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