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May 29, 2022

We Hear from Dewey’s Family

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Written by: Zach

Dewey loves to play ball several times a day (we have been through many already) and naps extremely well in between activities. He is doing great, fits in perfectly with our loopy goofy family! He is so amazing and we love him so much. He is a bit of a momma’s boy. He must follow me and touch or lean against my legs when I am cooking or walking around the house and if I dare sit down, he does his best to fit in my lap. He is completely unique and set apart from any dog any of us have ever owned. The depth of love for him and from him are just incredible.

Thank you again for allowing us to be the part of the rest of his long happy life. Dewey gives as many hugs as he receives from the girls and loves on them clumsily as he tries to be so gentle and soft with being the big oaf he is. He had a little ear infection that we seem to have gotten cleared up just fine with the help of the good folks at TVH. I guess he was afraid I would miss them since Max is no longer with us for his regular visits there, and thought he would do his part to ensure an extra visit. Next month are his final boosters of combo and rattlesnake then, with any luck, we will get to miss them down there for a while. He starts obedience training with Rosemary and Thunder Paws next Monday, not that he needs much, he is just so awesome. Just need to work on his excitement on meeting new friends and dogs as he is able to take me wherever he wants to go and he is just so friendly. Could go on about him so much more for his update, but have bragged about him enough for now.

Take care.
The Grier family





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  1. Cindy Light

    What a great group photo. Think that about tells us everything we’d hope to know!

  2. Cindy Light

    Thank you for the update! Sounds like he’s giving & recv’g LOTS OF LOVE! Enjoy him!

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