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November 17, 2021

A Penny Saved is a Penny Loved

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Update: More On Penny: So we hit a bump in the road in terms of Penny’s progress yesterday. On the way home from work, I noticed an egg-sized lump on Penny’s leg, right around her knee, just above her incision. I was startled not only by the size of the lump but also by the fact that I hadn’t noticed it before. I decided to take her to the VCA Emergency Hospital in West Los Angeles to check her out. 

After a physical exam, the vet felt that something was wrong because when she tried to straighten the leg, she heard a “crunching” sound on the bone. They decided to take x-rays and found that the rod in Penny’s leg that is fusing the bone in place is too long for the bone, which is making it so she cannot straighten the leg and is causing the swelling on the knee. They showed me the x-ray and I was blown away by how much of the rod was sticking out past the bone. 

They also felt that the calcification on the broken tibia was not as advanced as it should be for three weeks of healing, so they sent the x-ray to a radiologist for examination. This morning I heard back with the results from the radiologist, and they said that the calcification is fine, but after further review, the vet thinks that she is going to need another leg surgery to add a plate to reinforce the pins that are holding the bone in place. 

They have been in communication with the good folks over at the Tehachapi Vet Hospital and are in the process of figuring out what we need to do. It was a long night and she was put on morphine for the pain. Below is a photo of her leg, you can see that there is swelling on the knee and it gets a little pink toward the top. I am going to send another pic that has a better angle of the swelling. 

She seems to be feeling fine today and is currently going to town on a bully-stick, but I’ll keep you updated on what the final outcome is and what the plans to move forward are.

Penny is a 1 year old, female Bulldog who came to us as a stay that had been hit by a car. The break was bad and Dr. Anderson at the Tehachapi Vet Hospital decided to go ahead and operate and give us whatever time we need to raise the funds. They are great to us and already provide a great discount for veterinary services. Other than the broken leg, she is in perfect health (wish I could say the same for Kenny). She’s bigger than Kenny, closer to normal Bulldog size and may even have some growing to do. We need to raise about 1500 bucks to cover her care, which I know is a lot, considering all that we have asked of you with Moses and now Soldier. Dr. A implanted a rod down center of her leg bone to help stabilize it while it repairs itself. The surgery went well and he anticipates no problems moving forward. Thanks for all the help gang!  Below is a FundRaze for this amazing little girl





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