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September 23, 2021

Reflecting on Tanner and Troopers Adoptions by Zach Skow

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Written by: Bob Guere

We need to take a collective and glorious moment to reflect on Tanner and Troopers adoptions this last week!Tanner and Trooper are both large Pit bulls and because of that , create a significantly more difficult adoption scenario. Pit Bull adopters have to understand the breed, their capability ad what it takes to be an effective pack leader with such a powerful dog. Therefore, pit bulls can stay with us for years. One thing we have learned is that THEY ALL FIND HOMES and the wait is ALWAYS worth it. That doesn’t make the wait easy, however..
Example: in the early days, about 3.5 years ago, we had a black pit bull named Snoopy. That’s two strikes right there: black and pit bull. He also had an interesting peccadillo that was nearly a third strike- a blood-curdling bark, which was more like a shriek, that sounded like he was being tortured. This bark was merely “welcome home” song but boy did it get your attention. A wonderful family came to visit him one weekend on their way down from San Francisco, they immediately took to him, but understood that they would have to work on themselves before they’d be qualified adopters. They visited us two more times over the next month and each time came more prepared with good questions and a better understanding of pit bulls. It was nearly a year and a half to the day that Snoopy was adopted by this hip, knowledgeable family and I can say that the wait was more than worth it. The following week, we met up with them in San Francisco and I learned that Snoopy’s adopter was one of the top 5 guys at Facebook and his fiance, soon to be wife, was a talented Director and Documentarian. They never used this celebrity to woo me or curry favors, which impressed me to no end. Snoopy was in their wedding and continues to be the official greeter at their place in Nor Cal.

Sorry for getting off topic slightly but I don’t want to underestimate the importance of patience; it is the foremost valuable virtue one can possess in dog rescue and possibly in life. Tanner and his foster Mom, showed patience and didn’t let a year of false hope, near adoptions, aggression issues and general but serious strife get them down. They were patient and it paid off and now Tanner is a Wisconsin..inerite…
Trooper’s may have not been with us as long but his adoption is equally as impressive. When we rescued him, Trooper was suffering from a 10 inch knife or blade wound that required 35 staples and a mess of antibiotics to heal up. He had been incarcerated at the shelter for nearly a month, he had a stab wound and he was a very powerful and potentially dangerous animal. One could view that injury as a liability, as a reason for him to act out in the future and to not trust humans or other dogs. It would take a special family to recognize his splendor and to put aside his life experiences and trust when I said that he was NOT aggressive and DID NOT harbor resentment for other dogs. A somewhat unorthodox but fair metaphor is adopting a 6-4, 250lbs foster child out of juvenile hall after he was involved in a knife fight. That’s taking a risk and that’s what Troopers family did. They took a risk, relied on FAITH and recognized that they had the tools to cope with whatever situation presented itself. We are a Faith-full society- though I still find it difficult to function on faith alone, despite knowing better, or NOT knowing better-and I sure am overwhelmed with gratitude and hope that these families had faith in us, we had faith in them and now two beautiful souls have a future with families that will love them.
**Patricia, Tanner’s foster and transporter, you are an ANGEL!facebooktwittergoogle_plusfacebooktwittergoogle_plusby



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