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October 22, 2021

Bilbo Update!

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Written by: Bob Guere

Update - 22 October

Bilbo has had a heck of a ride since being rescued a few weeks ago (after a month in the shelter). Bilbo is a feral dog, which means that he is wild and needs a complete social overhaul in order to fit in with his new world. Bilbo was well on his way to mellowing out and embracing his new life but physical setbacks have prevented him from feeling comfortable enough to let his guard down. All he’s know for the last two weeks is vet hospitals and tummy probems; feeling better and then feeling worse. His foster mommy seems to have figured it out and now his him pretty regular, using a combo of antibiotics and pepcid, to target his Colitis and parasite problem. Feral dogs often have parasite issues because of what they eat, but we didn’t expect diagnosis and treatment to be so tricky. Thank goodness for patient, uber-loving foster moms that go the extra mile to ensure that these pups get acclimated and properly loved. Please share Bilbo’s story so that as many as possible can enjoy his update.

Updated 6 October 2021

Bilbo is a the kind of dog rescues exist to help- a good ole fashioned American Rags to Rescue story. Bilbo was a stray that was trapped by local Animal Control in Bakersfield. He was feral and existed by trying to scrounge and weasel and survive anyway that he knew how. He was more of a rat than a dog, in that he was extremely skittish and did whatever he could do survive while evading humans. Once trapped and admitted the shelter, a dog like Bilbo has very little chance of rescue. He was pulled off of the street basically to prevent a car accident and trying to “culture” a dog like him can be very difficult, especially if your aim is to take him from one kennel and admit him to another. This is what makes Marley’s Mutts different- the dogs come to live with us and our packs and learn how to be dogs again.

At the shelter, they couldn’t even get a sex on him let alone medicate him for his illness. He was aggressive, nippy and EXTREMELY scared. Fear poured out of every part of his body, literally. I spent about an hour an a half getting him out of his kennel and into my arms. This process is dangerous, even though he;’s not a very big dog, and I suggest giving it a shot on a whim. Using my own confidence as an example and drawing the dog into my realm, he quickly realized that I wasn’t going to hurt him and he ceased being aggressive. The next steps in his socialization involve getting used to his new pack at his foster parents home, and working on implicitly trusting his pack leaders. This could take some time but he WILL be socialized, assimilated and cultured and therefore will come out the other side as a proper, people loving D-O-G!! If you are interested in adopting Bilbo, please fill out an adoption application.



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Have you guys visited our new page for the Marley’s Mutts Rescue, Rehabilitation & Community Education Center?  Our FUNDRAZR is live and will be ongoing until we meet our goal!  Check it out! by
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