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The Marley's Mutts Team

October 9, 2021

Team Member Profile - Erin StClair

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Written by: Bob Guere

I found Zach and Marley’s Mutts about three years ago because I had found a dog in the desert and wanted to find it a home. Once we found her a home I continued to foster and help out at events. I now send out the newsletter, share foster and adoption duties with Amanda Brooks, post to Facebook and do what ever else I can to help out. I am a high school history teacher, which I love. I have two kids in college, LSU and SDSU. I enjoy creating bonsai, and love to travel.




Team Member Profile - Jackie Cameron

My name is Jackie, born in northern California and raised in Bakersfield.  For as long as anyone can remember I have had a affinity towards dogs.  My entire childhood was encompassed with family and dogs.  My parents always ...
by Aileen Barker

national mutt day

National Mutt Day!

For those of us in the Mutt Militia, every day is a day to honor our mutts, of course. But today is officially National Mutt Day! We are “celebrating” here at the rescue with a film crew from a South American TV sh...
by Bob Guere

cindy featured

Team Member Profile - Cindy Young

In July of this year (2013) after returning home from vacation – I was browsing the Marley’s Mutts FB page and was excited about all the fostering and adoptions that were going on. The dogs that were being pulled from the...
by Bob Guere



Team Member Profile - Aileen Barker

My house is full of rescues, always has been and always will be! When I moved to Tehachapi and found out about Marley’s Mutts I knew this was the perfect way to get involved. After being a repeat foster failure (aka keepi...
by Bob Guere


Team Member Profile - Bob Guere

Bob, like so many of the Mutt Militia, stumbled upon Zach and the Mutt’s by seeing one of the tin cans around Tehachapi.  At the time, he was looking to re-home one of his large dogs because of some nasty fights.  After...
by Bob Guere

sonar me

Team Member Profile - Lisa Porter

In the summer of 2006, I opened the Balanced Dog Pack in Oahu. My goal was to socialize and rehabilitate my extremely dog aggressive, 6-month-old blue nose pitbull, Stitch. At the time, I was already training dogs for Hawaii Do...
by Bob Guere



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