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November 28, 2021

Sadie’s Pups Update - Bernie

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Written by: Bob Guere

Bernie came to us in February, 2013 as part of a package deal where we adopted three of Sadie‚Äôs pups. My wife and daughter hatched the plan while I was out of the country on business. We had just lost our two dogs toward the end of 2012 due to illness with cancer, so we were looking to adopt a couple of dogs that needed a home. Sadie‚Äôs eleven pups all looked different from each other and our family all seemed to gravitate toward three in particular….one of them being Bernie.

Originally, I think my wife thought Bernie would be ‘her‚Äô dog, but dogs have a vote too, and after a while it seemed like Bernie gravitated toward me. Over the past few months that bond has continued to grow and Bernie now seems to be ‘my‚Äô dog. He enjoys running errands with me, especially going to the dump and when he‚Äôs in the house he loves to find me and lay right on top of me. He‚Äôs one of those dogs that looks like he‚Äôs in deep thought a lot of the time and has a great heart and a sort of sweet kindness about him. Bernie enjoys the other dogs and is nice to the cats and goats. He really is a great member of the family Happy 1st Birthday, Bernie and the rest of Sadie‚Äôs Puppies!

Thank you AJ, Barb, Zach and Marley’s Mutts!




Bon Bon & Princess - ADOPTED!

These two adorable creatures, believe it or not, aren‚Äôt creations from Jim-Henson‚Äôs imaginations. Nope, they are little DOGS…adoptable ones at that, which means they could come home with YOU! Bon Bon is the fl...
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Kramer (adopted) - Update from Forever Home

Update from Grampa Fred on Kramer!     Introducing Kramer, our Marley‚Äôs Mutts funny Man!! Kramer was almost called “Boy named Sue” but Kramer won out because of his hair and bafoonically moronical si...
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Sadie’s Pups Update - Pheobe

Another one of Sadie’s pups, Phoebe, is also doing quite well in her forever home!  From her family - Of the three puppies of Sadie’s that we adopted from Marley’s Mutts, Phoebe has been my little girl since ...
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Sadie’s pups update - Maxine

A wonderful update from Maxine’s family -    Maxine is one of the craziest fun dogs that I’ve ever known!  She has the cutest mohawk going down the back of her head!  Her personality is that of a fun-loving, dar...
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From one of our great foster homes…. Ok mutt militia….introducing Tex. He is name Tex because he has a Texas attitude when it comes to defending his family. Tex was found defending what we can only assume is his sis...
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peggy sue featured

Peggy Sue - ADOPTED

This is Peggy sue. She is a couple years old and the mama to the black litter born on the 4th of July we have. She’s a beautiful stocky blue pit. She is absolutely a dream. She isn’t overly hyper, not timid or dom...
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