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November 4, 2021

Update on Baby Blue, Dixie and Liberty

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Written by: Bob Guere
  Little Blue has been with my family for a few weeks now, so she is used to the ‘farm’ routine. She loves helping with the chores and following the kids around. She has gotten used to the horses, and takes notes from her two foster sisters, both border collies. She is mostly house trained (she hasn’t had an accident for several days AND sleeps through the night quietly in her crate) and uses the doggy door like a pro. Blue minds her manners most of the time since she has been with me longer; sits and waits for her food, and jumps up on us less each day.(her picture is the one jumping through the fence)
  In my pack, Dixie is the most playful and curious of the puppies. She will try just about anything once to see if she likes it. For example, she tried to ‘play bow’ my horses, and decided not to try it again. I guess when he walked toward her she realized how much bigger he is than her. She also tried out my kids’ slide, I’m not sure yet if she liked it or not. I am working with her and Liberty with house training, and just in a few days they have improved. Dixie is still learning, but does use the doggy door. (picture is of her going down the slide)
  Liberty is a little more reserved and cautious than her sisters, but still full of playful energy. She could easily switch from a crazy play session to cuddling with you. Being cautious, she is hesitant to use the doggy door, but will go through when coaxed. She has caught on quickly to our feeding routine. It gets a little crazy with 3 puppies, but she has started to sit and wait on her own. We are still working on having her ’stay’ on her own, but I have no doubt she’ll get it down soon. (picture is her looking over the fence rail at the ball- patriotic ball since they were born the 4th of July. Brilliant, I know.)
One of the great things about puppies is their adaptability, and I think these girls would do well in just about any environment. They are around horses, small kids, and other dogs, and are quick learners. They have not been around cats, but they are so agreeable that they could be easily trained to be cat friendly. They do have the typical puppy behaviors like chewing on things they find on the floor, and mouthing you when you pet them, etc. But as they grow, and with some guidance, they will get over that phase and be great family members!




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