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November 12, 2021


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Written by: Bob Guere
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~This dog needs our help and I know that we can get it done if we work together. Percy is only 1.5 years old, with his entire life ahead of hi, but apparently he has a neurological condition that causes his back legs to fail. His family believes the only option is to put him to sleep or send him to rescue; please don’t unleash a cavalcade of negative remarks because it won’t change their stance and what we must focus on is proactively and positively working to help this big boy. He has not lost the ability to walk yet and needs to see a specialist for a concrete diagnosis. First things first, I wanted to share him with you all and see what we could come up with, i.e. treatment options, experience, FOSTER home. I have two big wheel chairs that will fit this boy should he lose control of his back legs but I don’t think that is an immediate issue. Share and post away,please!


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More Hooch propaganda…. (the good kind)

Hooch’s story (and Zach’s) was featured in the blog at Crazy Rebels.  Check it out… then checkout their FREAKIN’ AWESOME selection of mutt gear.  I’m ordering a hoodie for my Murphy right now.  ...
by Bob Guere

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Hooch in the news again!

Bakersfield’s Channel 23 recorded this follow up piece on our buddy Hooch.  Enjoy.    by
by Bob Guere

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(Updated with Video) Hooch blows us away… again!

For anyone who doesn’t know Hooch’s story, and are joining our journey with him “already in progress”…Hooch has no tongue. It was cut out by sub-humans, along with his ears, with the intent to turn...
by Bob Guere


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Pack Leadership and Feeding Time

Pack leadership is paramount when it comes to large dogs, if your dogs don’t recognize you as their pack leader it can difficult to train them effectively and worst yet, it can be dangerous. Feeding your dogs together, wh...
by Bob Guere

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Hooch Update! - Breakfast at Marley’s - f. Hooch

Hooch Update: Many of you are wondering what Hooch’s future will look like- will we keep him, will he be adopted, etc. For right now, our primary focus is give Hooch the best possible care and continue to learn bett...
by Bob Guere



THIS IS AN ALL POINTS BULLETIN!!! red, Hooch and the Mutt Militia are coming together to help the 700 animals and dozens of staff that are being evicted. To make a long story short, the City of Bakersfield has evicted Kern Coun...
by Bob Guere



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