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January 14, 2022

Maggie - ADOPTED (again!)

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Written by: Bob Guere
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UPDATEd 14 January 2022

Maggie is officially back up for adoption.  We will update with new bio information and pictures soon.

UPDATED 5 November 2021

The most suitable word I can find to describe watching Maggie on her date today is…”moving”. It was amazing to see her on a date, period. I don’t understand why, but Maggie doesn’t (what we call) “date” with potential adopters very often. I believe this is because the universe simply knows that Maggie is magically unique, and that her match must be equally as special. This fine gentleman’s name is Shane. Maggie and Shane got along famously. They walked all over Cub Lake, taking in the autumn colors and reveling in their side-by-sidedness. As most of you know, Maggie doesn’t warm up quickly to people, especially men. But not so with Shane. Her defenses seem to crumble almost immediately in his presence. It was very obvious that she felt safe and comfortable with her leash in his hand. When Lisa and I worked with Maggie a while back, one of the things we were watching and waiting for her to do, was move closer to us rather then back up. Not only did we not want her to move away from us in discomfort or with anxiety, we wanted her to make the decision to move closer. We wanted her to solicit touch of her own volition. She did this with Shane. Shane didn’t take Maggie home today (for a couple of reasons, mostly logistical. And because Zach wants to have Shane come up to the rescue a few times and interact with Maggie among her canine pack, before moving the adoption forward). But we are hoping and praying that this is the match we think it might be. I know what many of you were going to say. You’re going to be upset that we are separating Maggie and Baloo. Believe me, it is going to hurt to let Maggie go. However, we know this is the best thing for her. While Maggie is very comfortable at the rescue, she is almost comfortable to her own detriment. It is difficult to explain the nuances of what I mean by that. But basically, she exists in a comfort zone - within the context of her relationship with Baloo, as his “meeker half”, that I feel nurtures her insecurities. Baloo is her protector, which is sweet, no doubt about it. But we feel that in order for Maggie to grow beyond her fears, she needs to go out and live her life, separate from Baloo and separate from us. Again, I am sure some people won’t agree with me here. I’m sure some people won’t understand, or see it the way we do. And that is okay, everyone is entitled to their opinions of course! But I hope everyone knows that we make the decisions we do based on our understanding of each of the dogs’ unique personalities. And we do what we feel is in their best interest. Anyway…I digress. Please just keep Maggie (and Shane) in your thoughts and prayers. And we will keep you posted!

UPDATED PIC AND BIO - 15 October 2021

I hardly know where to begin when writing or talking about Maggie. Since I’ve been working up at the rescue — it’s been nearly four months now — many dogs have come through and then moved on to their forever homes. I have a special place in my heart for each and every one of them. Maggie has been with us for quite some time, so I have had more time than usual to spend with her, getting to know her intimately…almost as though she were my own. For that reason, all I can really say is that I LOVE this precious girl with all my heart. She is a wonderful, blessed creature. She has her issues, but who among us doesn’t? Maggie was, more than likely, treated very badly by humans in her past. While she remains shy, and in fact very skittish around men, she has come a long, long way in conquering her fears. Baloo has been her mentor, protector and best friend as she has learned to be a dog again, and we have watched her blossom and evolve under his strong tutelage.

Where Maggie used to practically cower in a corner when we walked in the house, nowadays she waits at the door with the rest of the pack, happily wagging her little Mastiff-Rottie tail stub in anticipation of pats and scratches. Where she used to be hyper-aware and nervous even in a quiet room, now she can “hang loose”, even in the midst of frenzied activity. She is fantastic with kids — even little, tiny, loud ones! Maggie LOVES to go for walks and hikes, and is a perfect specimen on the leash. I honestly could go on and on. I pray — for both Maggie and her forever people — that they meet each other soon, so they can begin the rest of their collectively blessed lives as a family together.


This beautiful mastiff-rottie mix is our precious girl Maggie. Maggie came to Marley’s mutts almost 2 years ago, along with her sidekick Charlie. The two of them were captured in the loving grasp of a human chain, formed around the vacant lot they been frequenting in Los Angeles for over a month. To our great surprise and pleasure, Charlie and Maggie were adopted together by a military family. But for whatever reason, we got a call that Maggie had been dropped back off at the shelter (without her buddy Charlie). She’s been bad with us at the rescue, simply being a dog, learning to trust other dogs and people again, relaxing in a peaceful environment with her favorite friend, fellow mastiff Baloo. Maggie is an absolute gem and deserves the best home a dog could ever have.


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