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Adoptable Dogs

February 27, 2022

Dough Boy

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Written by: Bob Guere
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We rescued Dough Boy, formerly Tank, from the Mojave Shelter after getting a call from staff there that he had been surrendered. I shot out there quickly, so as to pick him up before he could be exposed to any airborne afflictions that are common at the shelter and prove to be particularly difficult for bulldogs to handle. He is stud of a specimen, although already neutered so not actually a stud… He has all of the characteristics that bulldog fanciers love, which ironically can make life for a bulldog difficult: swirly pig tail, smooched in, very brachycephalic face, and large, stout stature. The first thing that jumped out was a very large, baseball sized growth on his neck which we have since had removed. The growth was thankfully an abscess, not cancer, which is a HUGE relief. Dr. Freng performed a very delicate surgery to remove the growth which had accumulated right next to the jugular vein- a risky, tense surgery to be sure. Dough Boy doesn’t appear to have any other “issues” although he was surrendered for being aggressive to a 2 year old which may have taken place: we’ll never know for sure. He did great with all of our dogs up here at the rescue and is now settled in at his foster home which does have kids but none that are below the age of 10. He is a bit of a cermugeon when it comes to being handled intimately, which the vet staff learned, but his over all temperament is very loving and extremely loyal. I personally wouldn’t hesitate for a second to add him to my family but families with very small children should probably not apply. Dough (for short) is a 4 year old and tips the scales at about 60lbs which is a good size for bulldog. He is very easy to handle on a leash and once you’ve earned his trust is very amicable. His potential adopters should be prepared to spend money on him through out the course of his life because bulldogs in general run into medical issues down the line and this may very well be the reason he was surrendered in the first place. Great dog with one of kind looks that is sure to be a hit where ever you take him. Applications for adoption can be filled out below.

Dough Boy Adoption Application
  • Marley’s Mutts is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization. Marley’s Mutts rescues animals who have been abused as we as animals who are just in need of a caring permanent home. Under California Penal Code §597 (§597A, §597I, §597T, and §599A); Cruelty to animals is punishable as a misdemeanor, a felony, or by a fine of not more thank twenty thousand dollars ($20,000). The following Questions are very important because it helps us ensure that you and the dog remain safe and happy. Please answer all the questions honestly. This information will only be used to find the best match for you and your family.

    Please note:

    Filling out an adoption application does NOT mean you will be adopting the dog you are considering.

    Due to the high volume of applications we will only be able to respond to those who have been selected to adopt.

    We will review all applications and pick the right family for the right dog.

    Incomplete forms will be discarded and not reviewed.





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