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Adoptable Dogs

February 6, 2022


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Written by: Bob Guere

Lila is a mellow mama who is what we think to be a Queensland cattle dog and Large Rat Terrier mix, she’s very loving and is completely content with just being next to you all day. I think she would do best in a single dog home with a strong pack mom or dad. Lila is much more comfortable with women then men but she isn’t aggressive what so ever, she growls when she feels uncomfortable but it’s a kind of sweet growl, kinda makes me laugh because she just wants to be loved on. Lila also is house broken & kennel trained, she will whine or bark if she needs to potty.

Lila Adoption Application
  • Marley’s Mutts is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization. Marley’s Mutts rescues animals who have been abused as we as animals who are just in need of a caring permanent home. Under California Penal Code §597 (§597A, §597I, §597T, and §599A); Cruelty to animals is punishable as a misdemeanor, a felony, or by a fine of not more thank twenty thousand dollars ($20,000). The following Questions are very important because it helps us ensure that you and the dog remain safe and happy. Please answer all the questions honestly. This information will only be used to find the best match for you and your family.

    Please note:

    Filling out an adoption application does NOT mean you will be adopting the dog you are considering.

    Due to the high volume of applications we will only be able to respond to those who have been selected to adopt.

    We will review all applications and pick the right family for the right dog.

    Incomplete forms will be discarded and not reviewed.





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