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March 3, 2022


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Written by: Bob Guere

Mona is a three month-old pit bull who was brought to the attention of Marley’s Mutts by our friends at Panda Paws Rescue. Mona’s front paws are “knuckled over”, hence the thought that this is potentially the condition from which she suffers. We’ve been researching Mona’s condition and sharing videos and pictures with doctors and specialists to see if they concur. And from what we’ve learned so far, we believe that Mona’s condition is likely the result of poor diet and vitamin deficiencies. We are continuing to work with specialists to determine a course of action for her treatment. She is set to see an orthopedist this week, and in the meantime, her x-rays are being studied by other specialists to be double- and triple-checked for anything we may have missed. Either way, Mona will soon be available for adoption! So keep your eye on our FB page for updates. And keep checking back on our website to fill out an adoption application below.



Mona Update: Mona came to is with badly mangled from paws that were “knuckling over” when she walked. The condition was caused by gross negligence and malnutrition as a puppy and has been roughly 80% cured! Every once in a while her knuckle will carry over but for the most part she’s walking normally. Foster parents are one of the primary reasons that we are successful and with Mona in particular we’re talking about out pal Terri, a hermosa beach native that has stepped up to the plate and really made all of the difference. Thank you for giving her the love, exercise and nutrition that she needs to get better.

Mona Adoption Application
  • Marley’s Mutts is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization. Marley’s Mutts rescues animals who have been abused as we as animals who are just in need of a caring permanent home. Under California Penal Code §597 (§597A, §597I, §597T, and §599A); Cruelty to animals is punishable as a misdemeanor, a felony, or by a fine of not more thank twenty thousand dollars ($20,000). The following Questions are very important because it helps us ensure that you and the dog remain safe and happy. Please answer all the questions honestly. This information will only be used to find the best match for you and your family.

    Please note:

    Filling out an adoption application does NOT mean you will be adopting the dog you are considering.

    Due to the high volume of applications we will only be able to respond to those who have been selected to adopt.

    We will review all applications and pick the right family for the right dog.

    Incomplete forms will be discarded and not reviewed.




Mona Update

Mona is improving and we are starting to see a distinct improvement in the placement of her feet. She is stepping and placing the pads of her feet down first, which as you can see in her earlier pics, was not always the case. T...
by Bob Guere



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