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May 25, 2022

Agnes - ADOPTED!

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Written by: Aileen Barker

When we met Agnes at the beginning of May she had been living as a stray and was microchipped to a family who appears to have left her behind when they moved. Agnes came to us after she had been hit by a car while living on the streets which left her with major wounds and asphalt burns all down her left side. She survived the accident and ended up at one of the best places she could: Tehachapi Vet. There she had surgery to clean up the skin around the wounds so that everything was clean, infection free and could heal properly.

For a couple of weeks Agnes was wrapped in bandages from her face to her waist. We were going into the vet every other day for bandage changes. You would think after everything, she would hate the vet, but the opposite is true! She loves going to visit her friends at Tehachapi Vet and they truly love seeing her.

Agnes is now completely free of bandages and just has some small scabs and scars to show for the accident she survived. People love to stop us and ask what happened to her when we’re out and about, and we love sharing her story.

Agnes is good with other dogs, all people (including kids) and other animals such as chickens. She is intrigued by cats, but doesn’t chase. She seems to want to play with them and while our cats are not impressed, we think it’d be easy to redirect this behavior if needed. We were told by her previous owner that she might have food aggression, but the most we’ve seen of that is a little growl if the other dogs get near her bone which is more of a warning like most dogs do, rather than aggression. In fact, we have a few grumpy old dogs in our home who have started little scuffles with Agnes and it almost makes us laugh because she doesn’t even seem to understand that they’re mad or how to fight with them. She’s really just a sweet girl who wants to be by your side, preferably on your lap upside down while you rub her belly.

We’re currently working on housebreaking Agnes and keeping her off the couch unless invited. When walking she does put a bit of pressure on the leash, but by no means pulls you down the street. In the car Agnes is a perfect lady. She sits contently on the back seat as you drive with the cutest smile on her face. She is crate trained and currently sleeps in her crate at night and stays in there when we’re out of the house.

We estimate that Agnes is about 1 year old and is a small pit mix at under 35 lbs.

If you’re interested in adding Agnes to your family, please fill out the adoption application below.

You can read more about saving Agnes here.





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