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May 13, 2022


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Written by: Bob Guere
Paddy Dublin O’Marley (aka P-Dub): birthplace, unknown; birthdate, unknown; breed, unknown. When we first rescued P-Dub we didn’t even know what her gender was, or the color of her hair because she had none.. Due to a rare condition, coupled with malnutrition, her body exhibited signs of hermaphroditism— that’s right, boy and girl parts. She was also covered in a dangerous, zoonotic skin mite that ate away her follicles. Her organs were intact but testicles were beginning to develop. Once she was brought to foster care and stabilized with a proper diet, her hormones began to balance and she has remained a she ever sense.
Should P-Dub have remained a hermaphrodite, we would have loved her just as much (or more , if thats possible) and that is one of the lessons that we learn from her. She is as God made her and we love her for that, just as we love each other for how were are. None of us are perfect or will ever achieve anything like it, but when we move towards acceptance and love, regardless of imperfections, we become closer and stronger—on the same team!
P-Dub was a hairless hermaphrodite when we found her; ion a state that few would rescue much less accept. But she has taught us, once again, that when we take chances on each other and lead with love and acceptance, anything is possible.
Loving, capable, accepting foster families are the glue that binds us—seriously—and without them we would not be able to do what we do. If you like the sound of this mantra and want to become a part of the Mutt Militia, please fill out a foster or volunteer application. Much Love.




Agnes - ADOPTED!

When we met Agnes at the beginning of May she had been living as a stray and was microchipped to a family who appears to have left her behind when they moved. Agnes came to us after she had been hit by a car while living on the...
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Ranger - ADOPTED!

Ranger is an 8mo old male red Merle cattle dog. He is very sweet and fairly mellow. He does well with children and enjoys playing with other dogs. He behaves excellent on leash and loves to climb in your lap for cuddles. He was...
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Alvin - ADOPTED!

Isn’t Alvin just the cutest scruffy guy you have ever seen!!?!? This pup is a 2yr old male terrier and is just waiting to bury his head in your lap. Within a few days of being bailed out of the shelter he has already show...
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Lilly is a six month chihuahua mix female.  She is adorably sweet getting along well with dogs and cats. She has a very happy and outgoing personality and should fit in to most any home.  Adoption Application Below.   &n...;
by Bob Guere


Georgie - ADOPTED

Georgie is a female chocolate and white pit mix. She looks rather unique with a curly tail and light colored eyes. She is between 3-4mo old and is set to be spayed next week. She’s got tons of puppy energy and is very swe...
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Shirley - ADOPTED!

Laverne and Shirley are sisters that were abandoned at a Bakersfield business on deaths doorstep. Both pups were very skinny and infested with thousands of ticks. The same day marleys mutts took in the pups they were rushed to ...
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