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May 15, 2022

Saving Agnes

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Written by: Aileen Barker

When we met Agnes she had been living as a stray and was microchipped to a family who now lives in New Mexico. It appears she was left behind when they moved and we got their permission to take her in and give her the care she so desperately needed. Unfortuantely, Agnes was hit by a car while living on the streets which left her with major wounds and asphalt burns all down her left side to show for it. Lucky for her, though, she survived the accident and ended up at one of the best places she could: Tehachapi Vet. There she had surgery to clean up the skin around the wounds  so that everything was clean, infection free and could heal properly. And they loved on her. Boy, they loved on her. Walk into Tehachapi Vet and ask about Agnes and they will tell you what an amazing girl she is!

When I stepped up to foster Agnes, I was ready for hours a day of caring for a dog who looked like a mummy, completely wrapped up in bandages from the waist up and in pain from the accident as well as healing from the surgery. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. Having Agnes in our home has been a breeze! Every other day we returned to Tehachapi Vet for bandage changes and they practically cheered when she walked in the door. This right here is a dog that LOVES going to the vet! A couple of times she was able to get her bandages off her face by rubbing against something, no matter how much I tried to keep her from doing it. I’d walk back into the vet and insist she knew exactly what to do to get a visit with her friends. She greets every dog and person she meets the same way: tail wagging, but totally calm. Everyone is in love with her and for good reason. She is a sweet, gentle, quiet girl who gets along with everyone human, canine, feline and even our chickens. Not to say our chickens or cats like her, but she’s cool with them and that’s what matters.

Yesterdays vet visit was a big one: AGNES IS NOW FREE OF BANDAGES and no longer has to go in for check ups! But they did make sure to say that she is more than welcome to visit and I promised we would visit at least once before she gets adopted. We’ve just got some medicine to finish up, some ointment to apply a few times a day and we’ve also been okayed for a bath! While she does still have a little healing to do, the worst is over and our last hurdle is keeping her from scratching now that the bandages are off and continuing to work on housebreaking. On top of that she’s a bit hesitant around passing cars (for good reason!) so we’ll be working on slowly releasing her from the burden of that fear. But if those are all we have to deal with before this girl gets to go home? I think she’s in good shape!

Two weeks ago this girl had huge, painful open wounds from getting hit by a car and today she is almost totally healed, with some sweet scars to show for it! She should be ready for adoption in a few weeks when we’re done with her meds and whats left of those wounds heal. Thank you to everyone who has been rooting for her from around the world, I know she can’t read the comments, but she can FEEL your love and support! - Aileen



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