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Community Outreach

June 12, 2022

Just One Day

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Written by: Aileen Barker

On June 11th, 2014 Kern County Animal Services took part in “Just One Day” a event designed to stop euthanasia for one day in shelters across America.  Adoptions went for 11 hours straight.  We at Marley’s Mutts had the privilege to participate in this event by handing out dog food to new adopters and helping people find a forever friend.  The shelter had approximately 120 dogs and cats available for adoption which also means 120 animals that could be recommended for euthanasia.  Instead of putting down pets, for just one day adoption rates were lowered.  The results will amaze you, 103 dogs and cats were adopted!  Congratulations to Kern County Animal Services and all the lucky families who found a new forever friend.  In a shelter where only half the dogs and cats that enter ever find forever homes it was truly a day for the history books.



neel library

Barks & Books

We had a great time last night at Barks and Books at Beale Library. We have a great group of kids that come every time, like the lovely Joyce, but we also get new kids each time too, like the little boy in the photo. The dogs s...
by Aileen Barker

Cesar Chavez Elementary2

Cesar Chavez Elementary

Many of you know that we have been awarded a big contract from the county to provide low cost spay and neuter to low income areas. We are well on our way with those services but education of our young ones is perhaps the most c...
by Aileen Barker


Spay and Neuter Calendar Added

While we all LOVE puppies, over-population and the need for spay/neuter of animals is a real issue here in Kern county.  If you follow us on Facebook, you know we’re tackling the problem of over-population in Kern county...
by Bob Guere



Barks and Books

Marley’s Mutts takes pride in rescuing, of course, but I believe our best work in accomplished with our community outreach. Over the years we have spoken nearly 100 different Schools, Organizations and Girl/Boy Scout grou...
by Bob Guere



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