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Buddy Finds a Home

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009
From his sultry swagger to those big brown eyes, Buddy is simply the best!  We could not have asked for a better dog.  We will be eternally grateful to Zach for opening his heart & his home so that Buddy & so many like him can have a second chance at their happily ever afters.  Our 4 year old told me the other day, “Buddy is like having candy around every day, he’s just sooo sweet!”  So, thank you Zach and thank you Buddy for making our lives a little sweeter!

Pandora Has Been Adopted

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009



Pandora and her bodyguard, Hercules.

Pandora is a 1 1/2 month old, perfectly healthy Border Collie/Lab mix. She was found abandoned-or should I say dumped-at the ball field and is now being looked after by Marley’s Mutts (especially by Hercules).  She is a very loving little girl who has had her puppy shots and is ready to make some family very happy. For more info please contact Zach@602-350-0335 or 821-0995 or

Punkin Finds a Home

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

It is with great pleasure that we share with you our own “Marley’s Mutts” success story.

 We met Zach Skow (Owner/Founder of Marley’s Mutts) while walking on our mountain road. We had observed him walking his dogs many times. Each time it would appear that he had a different group of dogs.

After several visits alongside the road, we shared with Zach that we had been thinking about adopting a rescue dog. Much to our surprise, Zach said he thought he had the perfect dog. He asked us if he could bring her by to meet us the following afternoon. The time we would be perfect, we told him, because our two-year-old granddaughter, Riley, would be able to meet the dog also. One of our biggest concerns in looking for a dog was to make sure the dog was “kid friendly.”

The next afternoon Zach brought Punkin to our home.  Punkin is a mixed breed of possible Lab and Finnish Spitz, weighing about fifty pounds. She is reddish brown in color, looking a lot like a slice of pumpkin pie and, much to our delight, we have found her to be just as sweet. Needless to say, Zack went home alone that day and Punkin has become a very special part of our family. We had only had Punkin a few months when unfortunately she got bit by a rattlesnake. Witnessing the horrible effect a rattlesnake has on a dog is something that cannot be described. The pain is severe, the effects are immediate and the results are life threatening. Zach was one of the first persons I called from the Vet’s office. His tenderness and concern was overwhelming as he tried to comfort me during this most difficult time. Zach not only called daily to check on Punkin, I later found out that he drove down to the veterinary hospital that first night to to hold and comfort Punkin as well.

I’m happy to say, Punkin has made a full and complete recovery and continues to this day to bring us much joy.

Over the last several months, it has been our pleasure to become better aquanted with not only Zach but his Da,d Andy, as well. They have been to our home for dinner a few times. It’s during these visits that we noticed their deep love for dogs. Punkin gets so excited when she sees them. We know she remembers them and we’re sure she is grateful for their generosity in opening up their home to her during her time of need.  It’s because of this that we would wholeheartedly recommend “Marley’s Mutts” to anyone or any dog for that matter, who might need their services.

Just last week Riley asked me “Grammy, can I have that dog”? “She is your dog” I told her “But can she live at our house”? “Okay Grammy” she replied.



 Wayne and Judy Newton

Bear Valley Springs

Duke Has Been Adopted

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009


Meet Duke. He is a 50 lb., neutered, 2 old, chocolate lab. Duke is a vagabond from Arvin who is looking for a place to settle down. His body is a little bit crooked (probably from an injury sustained as a puppy), but his nature is straight and honest. He is extremely calm and well intended and will make a stupendous companion. He is getting more social and outgoing every day and is eager to please. For more info please contact Zach@602-350-0335, 821-0995 or

Zach Finds a Home

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

This is our story about Zach by John and Joanne

(Editor’s note: There are two Zachs in this story; one is a dog and the other is Zack Skow, the founder of Marley’s Mutts. You’ll be able to tell which one is which.)

On March 3rd of this year, our dog, honey passed away. Honey was a member of our family since she was a puppy. The past year or so she had been battling problems with her hips. She still got around and enjoyed herself until she slipped on a step while spending time outside with us. She was in pain and declined rapidly. We did everything we could to save her but our efforts were not to produce a happy ending. We had to put Honey to sleep to put her out of her misery. It was one of the hardest things we ever did in our lives as she was a loyal friend for over 14 years. It was most heart breaking as my wife and I hugged her, loved her and spoke to her as she let out her last breath. We were extremely upset and sad. We buried her right outside our back yard so she wouldn’t be too far away forever!

We mourned over her for days. We will always miss her. We both agreed we most likely would never get another dog or pet. We have always had dogs and it was very quiet without Honey. Other people, meaning well, would come up with ideas like “I know someone who has puppies and you can have one or two to help you move on.” The thing is we weren’t ready to move on and we had absolutely no interest in any other dog period! I was considering moving from our home to a condo and changing our lifestyle somewhat. Any other dog just wouldn’t be the same so I just wanted to move on. My wife felt the same way.

About two weeks after Honey passed away, I was looking at a local newspaper and stumbled onto some pictures of dogs that needed homes. I glanced at the photos briefly thinking to myself, “I hope they all find a good home where people will treat them as one of their family as Honey was to us.” I was just about to put the paper down when I noticed a black lab mix named Zach. He seemed to be a big dog and his photo sort of captured my attention, however, I put the paper down and went about my business.

For a day or so I found myself wondering about Zach and if he had found a home yet? I noticed he was still in the local papers. I even noticed his photo on a bulletin board at the Bear Valley recreation center when I was there on business one day. I told my wife about Zach and she wondered about him also. I figured he was probably already gone to a new home by then.

The next day I saw Zach again in the paper. I was wondering if he was as big as he looked?

My wife and I talked it over and decided we probably would get another dog someday but not yet. We did decided to just take a look at Zach and see if maybe someday we would get a black lab since we’ve never had one before.

I placed a call to the phone number listed and made arrangements to go and see Zach. My wife and I went there that evening and met with Zach (not to be confused with the dog Zach–Editor) and Andrew Skow who were caring for quite a few dogs.

We met Zach, the big dog, out in the play area. He was with other dogs that were all playing and enjoying themselves. He was curious about us and why we were there. He continued to play ball with his foster parents , Zach and Andrew. My wife and I were amazed at how good-looking this dog was and how fast he was chasing that ball. He could also jump very high. Everything about him was outstanding. The other dogs were all outstanding also. They were very clean, friendly and playful.

Zach and Andrew were very nice to us and explained that they did not really want to get rid of Zach because they were attached to him. They explained to us that Zach had come to them from a home where the people no longer wanted him because he got too big. Zach had lived with Zach and Andrew for about a year. Zach said he takes in dogs who are needing a home and that was the only reason they would part with Zach: to make room for another dog needing help.

We fell in love with that black lab mix named Zach at first contact. Zach and Andrew agreed to let us have Zach and we took him home that night.

It was one of the best decisions we ever made. Zach has gone on to become a very loyal dog for us. He is full of love and he really likes to play inside or out! He stays on our property and guards our house. He is an excellent watch dog. He loves kids and goes to football practice quite often with us. He has gone to the beach and many other places and always behaves. Zach is one of our family now and we are so glad we met up with him. We are very thankful to Zach and Andrew Skow for taking this dog in and giving him a second chance when nobody else would. Because of them, my wife and I have acquired a new friend and family member who will be with us until God decides it is time to part.

Zach and Andrew visited us the other day and Zach was elated to see them both. There is and always will be a bond between our Zach his foster parents. He obviously loved them both and still does. He was sad when they left but I assured him they will be back often. He seemed to understand and we resumed playing until he fell asleep.

We will always miss Honey and all the other dogs we had in our lifetime. But as you all know, life does go on and we are very lucky and glad to be able to share it with Zach. I can’t imagine it without him now. Another outstanding thing that happened is we made some new friends with Zach and Andrew and that is great. They are the nicest people. Zach is now the proud owner of “Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue.”

Dogs could not have a better friend to help them out. I suggest you help them anyway you can if you care about lost or stray dogs. It is a tough go and I know they could use some help. I will help also.

Best wishes;

John, Joanne & Zach

T.J. Has Been Adopted

Sunday, September 6th, 2009



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