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Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

This little survivor is Sadie.

She is a stray who was found a few weeks back, dying of Parvo.   The awesome folks at Tehachapi Vet. Hospital fixed her up and helped her to battle back the Parvovirus.  She is now at Marley’s Mutts and recuperating well. 

She is very anxious to join a loving family as soon as she is at 100%.  She is a darling little girl and needs some wonderful folks step up and join her in her second shot at life.

Please contact Zach@972-3852 or 821-0997 for more info on this sweet little pup.

Fitzgerald Has Been Adopted

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009



This little guy is Fitzgerald A.K.A. ‘Fitzy’. Fitzy is a 8-month old Shetland/Pomeranian mix.  He was found wandering the streets of Tehachapi like coyote bait and way out of his element.  Truthfully, I have no idea what kind of dog he is.  I do know, however, that he is sweet little poofball who loves his new life at the rescue.  Fitzy’s best friend at the rescue is Buddy.  They horse around all day and even sleep next to one another (which usually means on my bed).  He is potty trained and he is not a barker.  He loves keeping laps warm and is a terrifically tolerant and mellow little boy.  To be honest, I’m not usually a sucker for little dogs, but this guy is a special kind of wonderful.

For more info please contact Zach at 661-972-3852 or 821-0997.

Dagny Has Been Adopted

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009



This endearing little fuzz ball is Dagny. She is an adorable, 10 week-old, Rottweiler/ Bulldog/Boxer mix. She is the only girl currently living at our rescue and her big brothers love showin’ little sis the ropes.  Dagny follows Buckshot around all day when she doesn’t have any humans to shadow.  She’s learning quickly what the rules are and has the potential to make some lucky family very happy for a long time.  She is as funny as the Seinfeld Box Set and could have her own comedy show on Animal Planet.  I can’t get enough of this little pooch-she is an absolute riot.  Judging by the size of her feet and the amount of extra skin, we think she is gonna be a big girl.  She has had her puppy shots and is ready to roll.

For more info, please contact Zach at 661-972-3852 or 661-821-0997.

Cody Finds a Home

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

We adopted Cody from Marley’s Mutts a little over a month ago, and now we have a new best friend!

Cody is a sweet, loving Golden Retriever who has totally melted our hearts. He loves to go on walks and play with the kids in the yard but is also perfectly content to curl up by our feet at night and relax. He always sleeps on his back with his paws up in the air and his mouth hangs open……my two year old daughter always says that he is “smiling.”  We could not have asked for a better dog!

Thanks Zach!

The Baldwin family




Buckshot Has Been Adopted

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

















This beautiful,  big brown boy is Buckshot.  Buckshot was found play dodge car on the 202.  He was take to the Tehachapi Veterinary Hospital where they treated him for BB gunshot wounds. 

Since then, Buck has been at Marley’s Mutts where we have absolutely fallen in love with him. He has also been neutered and been given his shots (which, to him, probably didn’t seem like lovin’).  Buck is a 100 lbs., seemingly purebred chocolate lab.  He is a baseball- fetch playing superstar and is as near to perfect as a dog can be. Buck needs an active family! He is an extreme sports kind of dog who loves running, biking, skating and most of all swimming.

For more info, contact Zach at 602-350-0335 or 661-821-0977.


Patrick Has Been Adopted!

Friday, October 2nd, 2009


Patrick has been adopted.

This amorous young lad is Patrick.  He is a 3-year-old Shepherd mix.  Patrick was a loner and a stray until he decided to warm up to a human a few weeks back. That wonderful woman has really taken good care of him. He now is fixed, current on shots, has packed on some pounds and most importantly has learned how to give and receive love.  He is great with other dogs and children and is ready to realize his destiny of a permanent home with plenty of love. If you are interested in being a part of Patrick’s future, please call Zach at 602-350-0335,  821-0997 or email at ziggyhb at

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