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Chuy Finds a Home

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Hi Zach.  My husband Brian and I adopted Junior a few months ago and we wanted to send you some photos of our Chuy (his new name).  He is doing great and has fully taken over our home and our lives!  He has become a total indoor dog.    We couldn’t be happier.

Brian and Mandy Campbell

Deuce Has Been Adopted!

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

This little guy is named Deuce.   He is a 10 week old Weimaraner cross. We named him “Deuce” because he has an extra claw on each of his back paws and because he’s earned a second shot at life.  Deuce was found in the desert of Cal City with three of his surviving kin (all boys), apparently dumped some time ago.  All four of them are terribly emaciated, malnourished, and will require some significant TLC to get better.  No telling how long they were huddled together in the desert, subjected to the elements, with no food or water.  Deuce is the sickest of the four brothers and almost didn’t make it through his first two days after being rescued.  His body just wasn’t used to food and his digestive system couldn’t process it.  Deuce’s three brothers are at the Cal City animal shelter and are in desperate need of rescue.  Please contact me if you are interested in helping them or fostering them.

Deuce will be here at the rescue getting well and I encourage anyone who is interested in adopting him to give me a call or check his progress on the website MARLEYSMUTTS.COM.

Duke Finds a Home

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

 Duke’s Success Story

By Doni Bowersox


On September 27th, Canine Creek was having a pet adoption day and both my daughters wanted to see if there would be any Labradors for adoption. While walking by, we saw a lot of different kinds of dogs but no labs until we met Zach from Marley’s Mutts. Lying quietly behind him was Duke, a Chocolate Lab/Mix. The dog looked so relaxed and maybe a little depressed that I wasn’t sure about him at first. Zach convinced us that he really was more energetic than he looked. He was probably a little overwhelmed with all the little dogs barking. So we decided to adopt him and we are so happy that we did. Duke is the best dog ever. He is so gentle and loving. He goes on long runs with my older daughter, Sarah, and is very energetic.


We also ended up with a puppy that a lady was giving away in front of Kmart that same day. The little puppy is a lab/mix. The girls thought that a puppy would be good for Duke and fun for them, too. At first Duke was annoyed by the little guy, but now they love being together. Duke is a great role model for the young puppy.  





Thanks to Marley’s Mutts for rescuing dogs like Duke.


Marley’s Mutts Rock!!!!!







Diana Has Been Adopted!

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Diana has a new home!

Homer Update - 11/23/09

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Homer is recuperating much better than was expected. I say that because Homer’s wounds were a few days old when he was brought to the veterinary hospital and it was originally thought that his wounds would not be able to heal properly without removing some of the dead and infected tissue. Homer’s most troubling wound was a bone-deep laceration to the back of the neck, near the base of his skull. The wound has sealed up very nicely and will not even be visible in a couple of months. Homer still limps from time to time, especially in the morning. He sustained an awful puncture to his front left paw that just hasn’t healed up completely. He is still taking oral antibiotics, which combined with rest, should have him at 100% in a couple of weeks.

Thanks to everybody who aided us in Operation Help Homer. Especially to Dr. Baldner and Officer Sugg. Way to go ladies! You guys are awesome. And good luck to Dr. Baldner in all her future endeavors. Dr. B is truly a difference maker with a gigantic heart.

That’s all for now. Wish me luck in Seattle. The weather is terrible right now and I will be lucky to catch a flight from Sea/Tac to Friday Harbor.


December 7

Homer loves the snow!!!


Seattle Trip

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Off to Seattle! I am currently airborne and bound for a canine first-aid and emergency care training course on Friday at Harbor Island, off the coast of Washington.

Bob Benton, a business partner of my Dad’s, and his wife Patricia, offered me the irresistible opportunity of taking part in a canine first-aid course that will culminate with my certification as a Canine first-aid teacher.

Basically, the weekend-long course will teach me the essentials of canine first-aid and emergency care while also certifying me to bring that knowledge with me back to Tehachapi and teach the course myself locally. What an awesome opportunity! Bob and Patricia are both EMT’s (certified for humans), as well as animal lovers who have taken an interest in informing the public about crucially-important elements of canine care and treatment. I will be staying with Bob and Patricia until Monday and I couldn’t be more excited about visiting with both of them.

Bob and Patricia have played instrumental roles in the lives of both my father and me and I would go so far as to say that Bob is my Dad’s best friend and most reliable confidant. Most importantly, Bob and Patricia compassionately supported my Dad and me through the illness that nearly took my life just over one year ago.

The last time I saw Bob, my brother and I were about ten years old and Bob was flying us out to Catalina for the day. I remember that he was unusually tall for a pilot but that his height should not explain how bumpy and gut-wrenching that flight was or why I was so uneasy with him behind the wheel. I don’t believe that I have ever met Patricia in person-certainly not at an age that I am old enough to remember. Despite the lack of an intimate, face-to-face personal history, I feel very close to Bob and Patricia. Words cannot convey my gratitude for their seemingly omnipresent nature for the duration of my illness and beyond. Bob always took time to ask how I was doing as well as provide much needed comic relief during a time of great agony and toil. I can only speak for myself, but I think my Dad would echo those sentiments and more. I always bust their chops about being boyfriend/girlfriend but the reality is that they are true friends and I take
solace in knowing that my Dad has a friend like Bob.