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May 6, 2022

Vinny the Champ

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Written by: Zach

UPDATE:  Vinny is now out of the animal hospital and doing well after his setback.  However, the vet bills are mounting up.  If you have a couple of dollars in your PayPal account that you want to get rid of  [cough cough], you can send them our way.  Any donation, no matter what size, will be gratefully accepted and used only for the care of these animals.

This special guy is Vinny (AKA  Mr. Van Gogh), a 12-week-old, resilient  Pit Bull puppy . The other dog in the picture is Dusty, his rescue mate and best bud. We found Vinny at the Cal City Pound where he was very easily noticeable:  he was the only puppy there who didn’t have any ears.  Some poor excuse for a human being thought it a good idea to slice off Vinny’s ears, most likely with a pair of scissors, thereby making him a better candidate for dog fighting.   His wounds are not very old (maybe 1½ weeks), but they are no longer infected and are healing well.  Vinny is a tough puppy who has literally endured torture, but you wouldn’t know by his demeanor.   He is just a sweet puppy and being a puppy is all he wants to do.  He loves messing around with Dusty and the other fosters and seems contently focused on replacing the bad memories of his first twelve weeks with good ones.  No more dog fighting dungeons-from now on Vinny poops where he pleases and needs only to focus on being a happy and loved doggy.

If you are interested in adopting this little trooper, please contact Zach at 661-972-3852.

NOTE:  Vinny is currently back at the animal hospital with a tough time ahead for him.  He is a survivor and we have no doubt he’ll pull through.  In the meantime, those bills are adding up.  If you can help out, even a little bit, please click on Make a Donation.  Thank you from Vinny the Champ.


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  1. Jeff Smith

    I just viewed Vinny’s story on our local news channel. I am a 16 year Police Sergeant veteran and am interested in adopting Vinny. I am married and have an 11 year old daughter. We have one pet, Onyx, who is an almost 3 year old Lab. We live in South Carolina and have plenty of room to ensure that Vinny will be taken very well cared for. I realize that we live a great deal away and in fact I am not up to date on the adoption process but would be glad to give him a loving place to live if something could be worked out.

  2. Cheryl

    I live in Lancaster PA and I saw the story on Vinny and it broke my heart. I was interested in adopting him if he’s still available.
    Thank you

  3. Diane

    I am very interested in adopting this little guy. I talk you earlier and I understand that “Vinny”is not yet available. I am a very “legit” person in my mid fifties, married and live in a very stable home. No children and one kitty. I had a Pitbull for 12 years, and they are my FAVORITE dog. Vinny looks really sweet and I would love to be his NEW MOMMY….so keep me in mind and I will call you back in a couple of weeks. Please consider me for the adoption. If you would like to visit my home, I live @ 615 Brentwwod Dr. 823-7875. Thank you,
    Diane De Cecco

  4. hi. my name is robert lewis i just viewed vinny’s profile and am interested in adopting him. i live in tehachapi, an am looking for an intelagent nice dog. you can call me at 661-972-0583…. thank you.

  5. Cynthia

    Marley’s Mutts,
    If and when you find a place for Vinny, I will help fund the transport and adoption. I just wrote you about the young pit female rescued off Hwy 58 west of Bakersfield. You are doing amazing work. Vinny’s story is very compelling and only reinforces my belief that the animals are the ones who ultimately will save us from ourselves.

  6. My adult daughter talked to you about adopting a dog. You seem to be the most amazing young man and I just had to say a big THANK YOU for all you are doing.
    As for all the animal abuse, it’s just too horrid for words. Please keep up the good work.

  7. JJ

    I find it very difficult to believe poor vin is still available for adoption considering all the posts above me about him. But if he is still available for adoption please email me, I would love to rescue this pup as my new best friend and future fire station pet.

  8. Peggy Murphy

    I’m so happy to see that so many people have taken an interest in Vinny and that Marley’s Mutts is getting national support. You are amazing Zach. I hope that Vinny is getting better and that he is able to find a wonderful family.

  9. Lynn Smolenski

    Zack you are an amazing person.
    I want to help raise money for your hospital bills.I am collecting items for a rumage sale to be held in about a month..
    anyone reading this that maybe interested in helping or donating items may contact me,at 661 822-8405..all help or donations will be very much appreciated that Zack can save more lifes of these poor abused animals,with all his love and care and your help it can be done..thank you

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