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June 4, 2022

Lerdo Has Been Adopted!

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Written by: Zach

This fine gentleman of a dog has found his new forever home!  Bye, Lerdo!

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  1. Pat Turner

    Hi Zach! Just saw the posting for Lerdo and love it. He looks very happy in the photos. I am so glad he is with you and is doing well with the other dogs.


  2. Just wonderful the work you do Zach. I can’t wait till we bring Lerdo home. You are an angel for these dogs. Thank you for being there for all these doggies.

  3. Cindy Meeker


    I saw Daina’s post and it sounds like you have found Lerdo a forever home! He is such a special guy, I know that he will make a cheerful addition to her family. Thank you for all that you do. Please let us know when you get your 501(c)3 status.

    Cindy (a “friend of Lerdo”)

  4. Lerdo seems to have so many friends, how wonderful. I’ll try to post pictures of him on my wall. You are welcome to come over and see them. Just look for Veca Dahlgren…<3

  5. Patty

    Daina, I hope Lerdo adds joy to your family! Thanks for adopting a stray, they’re the best.

    Zach, thanks for giving him a chance at a great life.

    Patty (another “friend of Lerdo”)

  6. Paramount Friends of Lerdo

    Just found out that Lerdo has found a home. We are so happy for him and his new owner(s)! We are looking forward to seeing photos of his new home. Hope you have many happy years and adventures together!

  7. My daughter and I are so happy to have Lerdo here. Next step is to acclimate the two kittens (also adopted) on the 1st of May.
    Pictures will soon be posted. Thank you to those who helped Lerdo find safety and love. May all that is good come back to you for your kind act!!

  8. Pictures are posted here…hope the link works..

  9. Judy Stevens

    Thanks, Daina, for posting the photos of Lerdo. I’ve met him twice and he is one sweetie of a dog. So glad that he found his loving forever home!

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