“Spectacular Specker” 

This brave, 2-ish-year-old Border collie is Specker II.  If dogs could talk, or better yet write, this post would be a novel.  It would describe an existence fraught with adversity, peril, dangerous adversaries, starvation and destitution.  The best word to describe Specker II’s life before arriving at our rescue is STRUGGLE.

His struggle had left him shrouded in injury.  He had more ticks than I have ever seen on a dog (we’re talking thousands of them), including several imbedded nests where new ticks were hatching.  Specker’s body, from snout to tail, consisted of a combination of coagulated blood and fox tails.  He had dozens of ill-healed lacerations which most likely were the result of wild encounters with raccoons, skunks and possibly other dogs.  Specker was also severely emaciated; probably 20 lbs. underweight.  He is very lucky to be alive!  Specker’s struggle ended when he emerged from the wild, white flag of surrender in paw, at the home of the venerable Vespa’s.  They began treatment and
quickly contacted us.  Specker’s struggle, as he knows it, has come to an end but his incredible journey has just begun.

Specker needs a loving family now and we aim to find him just that.  He is a spectacular young doggy, who surprisingly so, shows no ill effects from his long and treacherous expedition.  He loves other dogs and is very quick to adore any human willing to reciprocate affection.  If you are interested in adopting this very special dog, please contact Zach at 661-972-3852

3 Responses to “Specker”

  1. Linda Skow Says:

    Speck, huh? He must be special!

  2. Marsha Says:

    Hi Zach, I’m w/STOP and Sparks set up our website - She did an EXCELLENT job on yours too.

  3. Charity Says:

    Hi Zach,

    Interested in adopting Specker, the 2 year old border collie. Heard about this dog from a coworker who is related to someone who works with your sister-in-law Jackie. Anyhow, maybe my husband and I can meet with you and the dog this weekend? We live in the San Fernando Valley.


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