This big ole’ behemoth buffoon is Bosco.  Bosco is a very lovable, 6 month old, 80 lb. Great Dane/Labrador mix.  It seems Boscoe’s family lost their home and had to leave town-only thing is they forgot to take Bosco and his sister with.  Can you believe that they could abandon such a gentle giant?  Bosco’s sister has found a home but Bosco is still unaffiliated and eagerly awaiting his forever family.   Bosco is great with cats as well as other dogs and possesses a
uniquely gentle disposition.  He is a sweet, vulnerable, happy-go-lucky puppy who needs a loving family to help ease him into adulthood.  Bosco will probably top out at over 110 lbs. and requires a family that is savvy to the needs
of a big dog.

If you’re interested in adding a 100 lbs. of pure buffoonery and joy to your family than please contact Zach at 661-972-3852.

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