Cody Has Been Adopted!

Cody has found his new forever home!!!

This big goober is Cody, a 2-3-year-old, pure bred, neutered, Labrador.  Cody came to us after his family lost their home and had to relocate to a place that doesn’t allow for big dogs.  It seems that there is an awful lot of discrimination towards dogs that weigh over 20 lbs.  Can you imagine if people weren’t allowed to move into a home or apartment if they weighed over 100 pounds?!  Good thing for Cody, we specialize in finding wonderful homes for big-goober-dogs.  Cody is exactly what you want in a Lab; he is loyal and walks without a leash; well-behaved around children and other dogs; and knows all the fun lab tricks like fetch, sit, and swim!  Cody’s only draw-back is more like a draw-front-he is a bit overweight and is packin’ a bit of Buddha belly.  His first family free-fed him, which is a terrible idea for Labradors as they will consume everything you put in front of them.  Food is both his enemy and best friend (many of us can relate).  I think that Cody would really thrive in a family environment where he could get the attention he needs, as well as the necessary exercise to work off that gut.  Cody is a Lab through and through and had has all the ingredients necessary to make a terrific family doggy.

If you are interested in adopting this partially pudgy, probably portly pal, please contact Zach at 661-972-3852 or email

One Response to “Cody Has Been Adopted!”

  1. Veca Daina Says:

    What a cute face but as a pudgy, portly old gal myself…it would be a disaster for us to get her. I find it hard to deny a hungry living thing the food I myself crave….poor gal, it’s going to be hard to have her feeding habits changed now..:(

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