Meet Daina, a 1-year-old, stunning shepherd/husky cross.  What a sweetheart we’ve got here-about as well-mannered and well-tempered a stray as you will ever find.  Adding to her “score” is the fact that she is the only female in a pack of five other males (including two Pit bulls), and can absolutely hold her own.  She is still young (about a year) and not very big (about 35 lbs., and in need of at least 15 more) but she carries herself like an elegant lady well versed in proper etiquette.  She sits, stays and shakes on command and does extremely well off leash; she just wants to be near you.  Daina is a stray who was found near San Juan in Bear Valley on 3/19.  She was brought up here by a Good Samaritan who didn’t want to see her spend another night in the freezing cold and snow.  Daina seems very grateful to be up here with the Mutts and I think several of the boys have a crush on her, most noticeably, Snoopy.  We have vaccinated Daina and her
spay appointment is set for the first week in April.

If you are interested in adopting this lovely lady, please contact Zach at 661-972-3852 or 661-821-1327.

3 Responses to “Daina”

  1. Veca Daina Says:

    A scowl worth a million dollars…..Yes!!!! Come here Daina…what??? Who??? Hehehehe…

  2. Barbara Says:

    Am interested in Daina. We have two dogs, one elderly pug a 4.5 year old heeler. The heeler gets along with other dogs but she needs a companion . Both are inside dogs. They have a enclosed backyard and I get out and walk the heeler every day. (the dog park and the hills and also the former golf course. I met you one time at the vet with my heeler when I just acquired her from the pound in Tulare. I am a senior and I have a sister living with me. My very adult kids are animal lovers so they will be a good home should I predecease the dogs. Will be gone till Tuesday (with the dogs) my phone number is 822 1239.
    Thanks much.

  3. Judy Stevens Says:

    Barbara, leave a message on Zach’s cell phone (the number listed in the bio). He doesn’t get to read the comments page very often. Judy

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