Hershey Has Been Adopted!

Here’s that big ol’ lover boy with his new, loving family!

Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye!

Meet Hershey, 3-year-old, pure-bred, neutered Chocolate Lab.  Hershey is dream dog.  He is definitely a starting line-up, 1st Team, All-American Labrador.  When little kids say to their parents “I want a doggy, can we get a doggy?” this is the doggy those kids are referring to!  Hershey was originally going to be used as a breeding stud but somewhere along the way he ended up at the end of a chain.  Sometimes well-intentioned families are just not meant to have a dog and Hershey is a byproduct of that.  Because Hershey is used to being chained up, we were very hesitant about his temperament and level of  socialization.  Hersh is used to barking, all day long, at things he can never reach-that can make for a very unstable dog; but this is not the case.  As I type this, Hersh is lying at my feet, next to Marley (Rot/Pit) and Tug (Lab), and is perfectly assimilated into the pack.  Hersh has shown himself to be excellent around children and terrific with other dogs-no aggression whatsoever.  I have been working with him on a leash and he has responded incredibly well. With a loving, nurturing family, Hershey could be an absolute dream dog.

If you are interested in adopting this Chocolate Chap, please contact Zach at 661-972-3852 or 661-821-1327.

2 Responses to “Hershey Has Been Adopted!”

  1. Myryah Says:

    I was wondering if he was a chewer (you know, usually a lab trait), and if he was still having barking issues. Thanks!

  2. Judy Stevens Says:

    Best bet is to give Zach a call … he is not reading the comments section here very often. Too busy with the doggies!