Meet Pudge, a 2-year-old, pure-bred, Staffordshire terrier.  Talk about a handsome doggy!  I mean, they don’t get much more unique and impressive than Pudge.  For the record, Pudge is not Pudgy but instead very chiseled and robust.  He’s got muscles in his head that make it look like he’s being chewing bubble-gum his entire life.  He’s got a head the size of a dinner plate, with an equally big heart to match; he just needs someone to give him a chance.  Pudge has had a sad life up to this point: he was surrendered by a less-than-scrupulous breeder, who did not care for him like he deserves.  When I met him, he soaked up lovin’ like a sponge and you could tell he cherished every minute of the attention.  Pudge is in good hands at the Cal City Animal Shelter, but is pretty scared and needs someone to bail him out.  We are looking to team-up with someone who is willing to give this beautiful boy a real shot at life.

For more info on adopting Pudge, please contact Zach at 661-972-3852.

2 Responses to “Pudge”

  1. Brie Says:

    He is a very handsome dog!

  2. moonatics Says:

    Oh, he’s gorgeous! He looks like a show dog with that stance. I wish that I could take him and pray that his forever home is ready to welcome him with love and kindness. Much love, Pudge!