Sweet Six!

The story of these six, stray scallywag pups is remarkable and worth the read.  Last week a couple was walking to work when they spotted what appeared to be a family/group of rabbits frolicking in a field near Meadowbrook Park.  It was the first completely sunny day in a while; the snow had melted and some wild flowers were starting to bloom.  Some happy, romping rabbits seemed to fit into this spring scenario well.  However, as they walked closer, the rabbits seemed to be quite large and their behavior was odd for rabbits; for one:  they don’t travel in packs ;and two, rabbits aren’t known to wrestle with one another.  

The grass in the field was very tall, so it was difficult to make out what they were.  Could they be rodents of unusual size (ROUS)?  Or Hobbit children hiding in the tall grass?  Maybe it was a couple of coyotes going after a few rabbits-that would be more likely.  As the couple approached a clearing near the field, the awkward commotion increased.  The tall grass shook and bowed as whatever it was danced through the field towards the clearing.  And then creatures revealed themselves:  1, 2, 3, 4,5 and finally the sixth puppy clumsily stumbled out of the field.

Six, 4-month old, Puppies!!! The couple was astonished.  What were they doing out there and how did they all stay together? The coupled retrieved some storage containers and gathered up the pups, who were all too willing to come along.  It was remarkable that they had survived but more endearing was the fact that they had stuck together-INSEPARABLE!  They were very skinny (they probably attempting to hunt in the field) and smelled like drunken
pirates, but all-things-considered, were in good shape.

We have vaccinated these little guys and gals and are NOW SEARCHING FOR LOVING HOMES TO ADOPT THEM.  They
appear to be lab/hound mixes of some sort but either way you cut it they are adorable.

If you are interested in adopting one of these sweet six, please contact Zach at 661-972-3852.

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  1. Veca Daina Says:

    Maybe two???? I love their faces…