Thor and Snoopy’s Happy Ending

As you all know, Thor was adopted several weeks ago  by my twin brother who lives in San Francisco. Last week, Snoopy was also adopted.  A terrific couple, that I can’t say enough about, brought him into their home, which is just south of San Francisco. This last weekend we had a chance to go visit with Thor and Snoopy at a coffee shop in the Russian Hill district of San Francisco.

What an experience it was for my girlfriend and I to meet up with Snoopy and his new family as well as Thor and his new family (which includes my brother and his terrific girlfriend, Katie). How great it was to stand there, amidst the hustle and bustle of mid-day San Francisco, with two spectacular success stories. To watch these dogs, that had previously been afraid of their own shadow, embracing life-with far less fear-as happy dogs. Snoopy spent a lot of time here as one of the Mutts. We fell in love with him and we were hoping (against formidable odds) to find a perfect match for him. I can proudly say, with a resounding “Heck Ya!!” that Snoopy found his dream home. Snoopy’s adoptive parents took an aproach to dog adoption that you rarely see in action.

They spent time visiting shelters and learning about dogs; all types of dogs (including Pit mixes). They asked all the right questions and showed a terrific will to understand how to better serve Snoopy as his parents-such as how to be assertive and loving at the same time. We were patiently waiting for the right family to adopt Snoopy knowing that if and when they committed to him, they were getting one of the world’s most gentle-hearted, loving dogs-a true companion. The right family adopted a down-on-his-luck, vagabond, under-dog, and their life and his will be all the more full because of it.

The happiness that I feel as I write this-the true, viceral, gratitude for families like Snoopy’s-keeps me going and allows me to enjoy what I do for a living. This is a tough job, but for right now, the ROSES SMELL AMAZING!!!

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    A happy ending, so good to hear.