Willy is a 14-month-old, pure bred, neutered  Polar Bear (Great Pyrenees).  The first six months of Willy’s life were a drag. He  and his brother,  Waylon, were kept segregated and virtually unattended to. 

At six months old, a friend of  ours brought Waylon and Willy to greener pastures, literally.  Our friend adopted them and brought them to her 40-acre ranch to live out their days in style.  Their time at the ranch has been very productive; they have been socialized with other dogs, big and very small; they have embraced a great affinity for children of all sizes; and they learned to do very well with horses, people, and certain types of livestock.  They are near perfect tempered and mannered.  The only problem with having so much area to patrol is that Waylon and Willy have gotten greedy-they want more.  Waylon and Willy have found every kink, failing and flaw in that 40 acres of fencing and have exploited them.  Despite arduous patching and mending, the boys still find a way out.  This is unacceptable because, while on their adventures, the boys invented a new game called “Attack the Ostrich.”  While “attack the Ostrich” might just be fun and games, it isn’t to the man who loves and values his ostriches.  So, we need to find Waylon and Willy new homes, with relatively impenetrable fences.  A family with a secure perimeter, if interested, could find themselves with the doggy of a lifetime.

If you are interested in adopting Willy, please contact Zach at 661-972-3852.

One Response to “Willy”

  1. Judi Hastings Says:

    What kind of fence would be considered impenetrable for these guys, please? Do they jump or dig under fences? We have 4 foot t-post and no-climb perimeter fencing; the house/dog yard has post and board fencing a bit over 4 feet with no-climb on the inside. Would that do it?