Event at Kmart, May 28, 2022

Saturday’s Event at K-Mart was a resounding success.  A steady stream of folks showed up to support us, many of them with awesome pictures of their doggies.  We raised a good chunk of change for the Mutts as well as for the Tehachapi Police Dept Canine Unit.  Officer Pete and his pal Kaya were a very welcome addition to the crew and we hope that they will be involved in future events.  Officer Pete is a terrific guy, a great Cop and his service (along with Kaya’s help) is greatly appreciated by the comminity of Tehachapi.  It should be said that Kaya is not for show-she is a hard-core, crime-fighting dog that, with Pete’s guidance, is making a difference in this community.

The help from the staff at K-Mart was inestimable, particularly that of Daylene (aka Stormy’s Mom, aka The high Priestess of the Mountains).  Daylene is a tireless supporter of Marley’s Mutts and, without her help, we would be significantly handicapped.  I can see Daylene’s eyes rolling as she reads this, but it is absolutely true-you are a God-send Daylene!

The event also saw Grace and Bruno go to their forever homes!  Thanks to the Edwards family for welcoming Bruno into their home and thanks to Mary and Mark for helping out with Grace’s adoption.  Superb job all the way around.

We will probably plan a similar event for the middle of June so stay informed and I’ll keep you posted! Thanks again, everybody!!

Z and the Mutts

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