Meet Peetie, our “Happy idiot,” a 2-year-old, Bull dog/Boston terrier.  To be honest, he is so darn ugly that it somehow makes him strikingly gorgeous-ok, maybe not gorgeous but at least very endearing.  There is more about Peetie’s story that adds to his charm and appeal.  A good friend of our rescue discovered Peetie after he repeatedly knocked on his door; no kidding, he actually scratched on the door as if to say “Open the door, man, Peetie’s in tha house!”  Our buddy opened the door and, to his astonishment, found a beat-up little bull dog/boston terrier mix.  Peetie had obvious and pretty severe wounds.  He has a distinguishable “collar mark” around his neck where a chain of some sort had dug into his skin.  His ears, nose and eyes show signs of trauma as well, possibly from being chained up in the elements and having the flies fester on his wounds.  Peetie is safe and sound now and couldn’t be more grateful.  I mean, if ever there were a dog that just oozes appreciation, it’s Peetie.  Peetie absolutely adores other dogs and is small enough to do well in a family with children.  The best way to describe Peetie is that of a “Happy Idiot”;  he just seems so happy to be free and loved and that demeanor is totally contagious.  Peetie will put a huge smile on your face, guaranteed.  Peetie is scheduled for neuter and vaccination next week and will soon be ready to join his forever-loving family.

 If you are interested in adopting Peetie, please contact Zach at 661-972-3852 or 661-821-1327.

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  1. Kim Says:

    my family would love to meet Peetie! We have a yellow lab and a Jack Russell mix at home and are looking for another pup to love.
    661 433-6451

  2. Judy Stevens Says:

    Kim, give Zach a call at the phone number listed!

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