Gorgeous Griz, 1-year-old, 100 lb., neutered, SILVER LABRADOR.  Well, Griz here is a true original.  A SILVER LAB!  Just when I thought we had experienced every breed possible (and certainly every type of Lab) here at Marley’s Mutts, God delivers us a Silver Lab.  It’s the truth; he actually is a papered Silver Labrador Retriever.  With the price of Silver these days, I can only imagine how much it cost the original owner to buy him from a breeder.  His owner (a bit of a neat freak) couldn’t handle Griz’s energy level and valued the tidyness of his house over the companionship of his dog.  Griz was headed for the pound but a good friend of ours (and fireman) stepped in to lend a helping hand.

Griz has all of the typical Lab traits: loves water, fetch, companionship, and is highly capable and intelligent.  We discovered that Griz has an allergy, most likely to certain types of food, so we have changed his diet accordingly. With the diet change we also hope to knock a few pounds off this big boy.  He is a special dog with a gigantic upside; all Griz needs is an assertive Pack Leader-with some patience-who will spend some time with him and allow him to grow into a DOG.  Are you that person?  If so please call me, Zach, at 661-972-3852 or 661-821-1327.

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  1. April Salazar Says:

    Hi Zac, I would love more information on Griz. We are a grieving family that lost our 4 year lab two weeks ago. Griz would fit perfectly in our already lab/retriever family. We have a Golden Retriever/Mix 6 year old female. She has been extremely depressed as well as the whole family. Hope to hear from you soon, so we can set up a time to meet him. Thank you, The Salazar Family.

  2. Judy Stevens Says:

    April, I’m sorry to hear of your loss. Give Zach a call at the numbers listed. Judy

  3. april salazar Says:

    Hi Judy, I tried calling Zac a couple of times..I hope he still has Griz.

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