This is Jude and I have NEVER seen a dog in worse condition.  The current state he is in, is the most visually appalling, blatantly tortuous example of animal abuse that I have ever laid eyes on.  I have seen dogs with gun-shot wounds, missing limbs, missing ears, but nothing quite as bad as this.  When you see a dog like this, it is near unfathomable to think that a human could have been involved in his demise.  Surely this dog must have ended up in the desert somehow and fending for itself: sadly, that is not the case. 

This dog was an owner-surrender and everything about its condition could have been easily prevented or at least treated.  Tests are still being run but the Doctors guess Jude’s illness to be a direct result of severe malnutrition.  He has an auto-immune problem that his body cannot fight because he is still a puppy and he has not been receiving any nourishment.  But there is no reason to dwell in the past.  Jude is safe and sound now and is being treated by the very capable doctors of the Tehachapi Veterinary Hospital.  Jude is not out of the woods; in fact he is deep in the forest, and may not make it out.  In order to survive ,Jude will need extensive care, followed by months of treatment and recovery. If Jude continues to eat and gain strength and we get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan, I am confident that Jude can make a very quick turn around and be well on the road to recovery.  Dogs are very resilient and with our help, attention, and love, Jude will overcome this.  

Jude may look terrible now but just think what he can look like in a couple of months with the proper TLC and our help.  Let’s get him better and up to the rescue with Marley and the rest of the Mutts! Let’s get going folks, this boy needs our help!!  Donations can be made at the Tehachapi Vet Hospital(822-6731) or through PayPal Donate button at right.

8 Responses to “Jude”

  1. Angel Isaacson Says:

    That is horrible. As much as I’m appalled as the treatment of Jude, it is almost not even shocking that someone would throw away an animal. My area (Seattle) has so many puppy mills that consistently make the news, it’s disgusting. Thank goodness that for every cruel inhuman person that exists, there are hundreds more who will take in and donate their time, money and unconditional love to help undo the damage others leave behind. My dogs are a running joke amongst my friends as they claim my furkids eat and sleep in a nicer bed than they do. I can’t imagine not wanting to provide them with the basics such as food, let alone the cruelty this adorable guy has been subjected to. Good luck to the little guy and I’m sure everyone would agree that updates would be much appreciated!!

  2. Judy Stevens Says:

    We *will* keep everyone updated on Jude’s condition. Thanks for your comment … like yours, my animals are entirely spoiled!

  3. liz foreman Says:

    it is so sad is not the word to see a dog in this condision but thank God there are Angels like you who will take this dog and give him a second chance at life and a loving home with a forever family thats what all dogs decerve bless you all and your partners who donate to help animals I’m in CA visting my son an would love to give charlotte a great home, I have to see if you adopt out of state, and what is the process and fees we have a cat who we adopted that has been with us 7yrs now and two horses we love to help animals too!

  4. Bill Irvine Says:

    Good Lord! That dog looks terrible! Please give me the name & address of the owner who did that. I will be more than happy to bring him back to my house in Rosamond, and chain him up (naked) to a tree in my back yard. For food he can eat the grass. Water will be supplied every morning when the sprinklers come on. And oh yeah, summer is here… 100+ degrees. Maybe after 2 or 3 months of that, he’ll learn to treat animals better.

    Hey, do you guys need some money for dog food? C’mon everybody! Kick in a lousy 20 bucks to help feed these guys.

  5. Dale Hearn Says:

    Are the cops going to do anything to this low-life scum or are they going to let it slide because Jude is “just” a dog?

  6. Sukanya Das Says:

    I hope Jude recovers soon..

  7. Shellie Singleton Says:

    It breaks my heart that animals are treated so badly. Thank God for you Zach, you’re an angel.

  8. Karen Says:

    This is soooooooooooo awful. I love my dog & would never NOT feed her. She is my pride & joy. The people that did this should pay dearly for this, no animal should ever have to go through this. The owner’s need to be tied up with no food or water (not even the sprinkler system, the email above talks about), I would not give them pleasure of any thing & let them suffer in the 100 degree weather, that my state of Alabama is enduring right now.

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