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June 17, 2022

All Nine Lab/Rottie Pups Have Been Adopted!

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Written by: Zach

Here are two of the puppies, Boomer and Supercool, with their new families.













I don’t know where to start with these puppies…

When I met these 9 puppies (who are also nine weeks old), I was surrounded and then swarmed.  They had at me, gnawing at my shoe laces and trying to climb up my legs.  An onslaught of nibble-licking followed, along with a heavy dose of puppy breath, laced with do-do aroma.  I survived the encounter and vaccinated all of these little tykes who are 8 boys and 1 girl.  They handled their vaccination very well-better than most puppies.  These puppies are the result of a long-haired chocolate lab (mom) and a Rottweiler (dad).  There are 3 golden doggies, 4 black and two black and tan.  The pictures speak for themselves; they are obnoxiously adorable.  In order to adopt one of these pups, a potential adopter must sign a contract which states that they are to bring the puppy to the Tehachapi Vet Hospital for neuter/spay when the pup is of age, about a 1 ½ months from now.  The neuter/spay is included in the adoption fee,  along with vaccinations.

If you are interested in adopting any of these picturesque pups, please contact Zach at 661-972-3852 or  661-821-1327.

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  1. Janelle

    How much is it to adopt a labrottie?

  2. Janell Wegman


    My husband and I are interested in adopting the one of these pups but would like more information. Would it be possible to come by for a visit and gather information regarding the adoption process.

    Kind regards,

    Janell Wegman

  3. Dusty osmanson

    Are any of these puppies still availible for adoption? Thank you very much.

  4. Judy Stevens

    Yes, 3 are left.

  5. Rhonda

    Is the girl still available?

  6. Dusty osmanson

    Are they golden puppies left or black or which colors? Thank you.

  7. Judy Stevens

    No females left, Rhonda. Sorry.

  8. Judy Stevens

    Dusty: Left are three males, two are all black and one is rottie-colored, tan and black.

  9. Jan

    Hi! Wondering how much are the adoption fees? We are considering our first adoption! Thanks!

  10. Judy Stevens

    Hi Jan,

    The adoption fee — which helps pay for vaccinations, worming, spay/neutering, any
    vet fees, grooming if needed and, of course, food while at the Rescue — is $250.

  11. dusty osmanson

    Thank you for the responses. Is there a way to get pictures of the three puppies remaining emailed to me or anything like that? I am 2 hours away from you guys so I cant just stop by after work. lol Thank you very much.

  12. Kylee

    Do you have any more of the lab and rots availible

  13. Judy Stevens

    Kylee, there are three left, males, two all black and one black/tan.

  14. dusty osmanson

    Hey Judy, Is there a way to get pictures of the 3 pups remaining emailed to me? I am in Visalia but would like to see them. ; )
    Thank you in advance. If not where is the next place they are going to be for adoption?

  15. Judy Stevens

    Dusty, I’ve forwarded your request to Zach! Judy

  16. Devon M

    Hi there! Beautiful puppies. Is the little black/tan boy still available? Thanks!

  17. Judy Stevens

    Hi Devon,

    Give Zach a call at one of the phone numbers listed and leave him a message.


  18. Jay Lamberth

    Is the male black and tan still available? Also, where are you located?

  19. Judy Stevens

    Jay, I’m not sure which two are left. Give Zach a call. Judy P.S. We are a Tehachapi, CA dog rescue.

  20. hi we are interested in the black and tan puppy we are in San Jose and would be happy to drive the distance this is a beautiful puppy.

  21. Judy Stevens

    Leave a message one of Zach’s numbers. I’m not entirely certain a black and tan is left. Maybe only 1 or 2 solid blacks. Give him a call.

  22. Rosa Brooks

    I would really like to adopt one of the lab/rot puppies. They are great dogs. I used to have one but she passed. please let me know. 661 586-1161 anytime

  23. Judy Stevens

    Rosa, please call Zach as soon as you can and leave him a message. There are two left, as far as I know. Judy

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