Meet One-Sock, a 1-year-old, 40 lb. Border Collie. One-Sock is unique name for a unique dog (I had watched “Dances with Wolves” recently and the name seemed to make sense).  He was found right on the 202 at Cummings Valley Road, which is a very dangerous place for a young dog to be.  The sheep had just been through and it’s a possibility that he was left behind by the herders.  One-Sock has an exceptional presence and it’s hard not to fall in love right off the bat.  He has one striking blue/white eye and one white sock.  He is on the small side which, makes him easy to control for children and older folks.  He was very scared when he first came to our attention, but he is very smart and loving and has really turned a corner. With a family to love him and give him some attention, there is no telling how wonderful this beautiful boy could become. One Sock is scheduled for neuter next week and will be available for adoption ASAP.

If you are interested in adopting One-Sock, please contact Zach at 661-972-3852 or 661-821-1327.

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