Paulie Has Been Adopted!

This wonderful little Weiner dog is Paulie.  Paulie is a 3 year-old, 15 lb. Dachshund mix that was found at a park in Bakersfield.  Paulie was discovered in a hedgerow with his girlfriend and two pups whom he was defending honorably like a dragon defends his lair.  Well, a dragon Paulie is not…He is more like a Casanova; in fact we named him after Paulie D from the TV show Jersey Shore (as embarrassing as that is to admit).  We were just gonna name him “Ladies man” or “LL Cool J” but Paulie seemed to fit better.   Those days are over for Paulie, however, as we obviously had him neutered. Paulie is an incredibly entertaining little guy who loves to have his belly rubbed, so much so that sometimes he just sleeps with his belly in the air.   Paulie has a great disposition and gets along very well with all the big dogs up here, and they just adore him.  Paulie introduced himself to the pack at Marley’s Mutts something like this, “Yo, my name is Paulie! How yooz guys doin? I love the ladies but I’m not here to disrespect anyone. I’m cool if you’re cool…now where does this guy hide the treats?”

If you are interested in adding a comedic Dachshund to your family, please contact Zach at 661-972-3852 or 661-821-1327.

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