This precious little peach is Stella.  Stella is an 8 lb., 2 year-old miniature terrier (Border terrier of sorts), who was found at a park in Bakersfield living in the bushes with her two puppies and her boyfriend (Paulie).  Her puppies have been adopted and mom has been fixed and vaccinated and is now ready for own destiny to be fulfilled.  Stella is a special dog; she is very mellow, a bit coy and would prefer to sit on your lap all day long if you let her.  Since arriving at Marley’s Mutts, her best friend has become our Great Dane, Abigail.  The two of them (sometimes 3, including Paulie) lounge in the shade using Abigail’s crescent-shaped body nook as a place to relax and feel comfortable.  As you can see, she is about as cute as they come and could compete in an “Oooohhhh, HOW CUTE” contest with the best of them.  Stella makes some human babies look like gargoyles-ok maybe not that extreme-but  If you are looking to “cuten-up” your family then Stella is your girl.  She doesn’t have any bad habits that we are aware of, except the occasional accident in the house, but we plan on having that remedied within the next few days.   She doesn’t dig, doesn’t bark incessantly and is a real ease to care for.

If you are interested in adopting Stella, please Contact Zach at 661-972-3852 or 661-821-1327.

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