Update on the Springer Spaniel:

October 27 p.m.: It is with great pleasure and relief that I announce that our Boy is doing much better today!! His BTU (kidney function) is down to 50 from 110, which indicates that his bladder is doing well and that surgery was a success yesterday. Still fighting for his life, but doing better today. Oh, and his name is “Chevy” (good one, Stormy).

October 27 a.m.: Our Brittany boy made it through surgery, but he is far from out of the woods.The good news is that he is in far less pain, but does have some complications. Dr. Komin repaired his bladder and found no other serious internal damage. A vein that connects the kidney to the bladder could still be detatched or torn and this could pose a serious problem Basically, if his kidney function has improved by tomorrow morning then we are in businiess, but if it doesn’t, the situation will be grave. Keep pulling for him and keep praying. Our boy is really a fighter.

October 26: Our boy took a turn for the worse this morning but he is still in the fight. His kidney levels shot through the roof and he is in tons of pain. The doctors think he may have a ruptured bladder and damaged intestines. The poor guy is on morphine, tramadol and a pain patch but is still writhing in pain. They are going to do an exploratory surgery to see if they can find out what’s wrong. Keep your fingers crossed guys.


2 Responses to He Needs Our Help

  1. Liz Holtschneider says:

    I put a reference to this on my facebook page….a lot of folks from American Brittany Rescue may read it and kick in for Chevy.

  2. Judy Stevens says:

    Thanks, Liz!

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