This Magical Mutt is Jude and he is quite possibly the most remarkable dog that we have ever had here at Marley’s Mutts. Jude came to us after being discovered by Animal Control at a local trailer park and I have never seen a dog that was sicker than Jude. Jude weighed only 21.5 lb., was covered with lesions, and was leaking goo from his ears, eyes and well, pretty much everywhere. Jude was all skin and bones and most of his hair had fallen out. His would shake his head constantly and when he did so, slime would project forth from his ears. He was in terrible shape. To be honest, I kept thinking to myself “We are gonna watch this poor guy die,” but Jude had other plans. The Tehachapi Vet Hospital swung into action and began treating, medicating and diagnosing Jude. After a significant struggle and many road blocks we got our diagnosis and we started to see a healthy dog emerge. Jude has an auto-immune condition that requires him to take small doses of Prednisone. The Prednisone keeps him normal and happy. Happiness is something that Jude has in great supply. He went from not being able to walk more than a couple of yards without extreme difficulty to being able to go on runs with me for over a mile. His demeanor exudes gratitude and he is a very pleasant dog to be around. Jude is a once-in-a-lifetime dog with a tragically unique story-a story whose later chapters will be drenched in positivity and love.

If you would like to help write the rest of this extraordinary tale, please contact Zach at 661-972-3852 or 661-821-1327.

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4 Responses to Jude is Ready to Go Home!

  1. Mo Hymer says:

    I would like to adopt Jude. I fell in love with him when he was still sick at the Walgreens in Tehachapi, and he let me kiss and hug him. please call me-Mo Hy7mer 661-699-6691

  2. Judy Stevens says:

    Mo, Zach isn’t able to come on this site frequently to read the comments. Best best is to do as suggested in the post: call him and leave a message so he can get back to you.

    website mgr

  3. Russ says:

    Hi Judy:

    Has Jude been adopted, and if not, does he get along with other pups? I have a beagle and Rat Terrier and would be interested in Jude.


  4. Judy Stevens says:

    Russ, I’ve seen Jude with other dogs and he seems to be fine. But … I’ve not been around Jude enough to give you a definitive answer. Best bet is to telephone Zach or email him at

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