This stout and burly Saint Bernard is Bernadette, and she is 3-4 years old. Whereas you might expect to find Bernadette hiking high in the Alps or guarding the gates of a sacred monastery, nothing could be further from her actual situation. Bernadette was found picking through the trash behind a Rite Aid in Bakersfield. After some coaxing (and awareness of her desperation), Bernadette hoped in the vehicle and began her road to recovery. Careful veterinary evaluation revealed that Bernie had endured a miscarriage, was grossly underweight (80 lb. and should be about 115 lb.) and was flea infested. All of these factors lead to one obvious conclusion-that she was being used to breed and once she miscarried was considered useless and discarded. She is healing from her miscarriage and is being spayed on Nov 6th. Bernie has no more fleas, has gained about 10 lb. and continues put on weight. Bernie is radiant; she exudes that undeniable glow that only big dogs can give off (especially Saints). Our big girl has suffered an awful existence and deserves to have that injustice remedied by being adopted to a terrific family and loved eternally.

If you are interested in adopting our sagacious Saint, please contact Zach at 661-972-3852 or 661-821-1327.


One Response to Bernadette

  1. Veca Daina says:

    She is a real beauty. There is nothing like a St. Bernard for love and great companionship. I would take her if only I had the room for two of the gentle giants…just love our baby and am so happy with him..I need to get a bigger house!!!

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