This happy hobo is Cory and he is a 5-6 year old, 7-8 lb., terrier mutt (silky terrier mix). Prior to arriving at Marley’s Mutts, Cory lived the life of a degenerate. He wandered up and down Las Vegas Blvd. in search of food, shelter and God only knows what else. An employee of the Durango Veterinary Hospital in Las Vegas plucked Cory from his life of sin and brought him to her hospital to be rehabilitated and reformed. The first step for Cory was to have his long, matted, dread-locks shaved off-his fur was just too knotted to be saved. He has very silky-soft fur though, and when it grows back it should be very healthy and radiant. I was out in Las Vegas for a dog rescue conference and was persuaded to take Cory home with me. He has really been a pleasure to have up here at Marley’s Mutts. Cory minds very well and rarely goes anywhere with me on a leash; he follows as if I’m the pied piper. Cory loves the other dogs up here and has reacted well to nearly every situation I’ve put him in, including spending a whole day at Carden Elementary School with kids of all ages. Cory has been neutered, vaccinated and wormed and is ready for the next chapter. If you are interested in adopting Cory, please contact Zach at 661-972-3852 or 661-821-1327.


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