Hey Zach!

Just wanted to give you an update on how our beloved little pup is doing. We got her home and she’s already bonding well with both dogs, and she’d be playing with the cats if they’d let her. She has already figured out and mastered the doggy door, located all food and water bowls, had a bath and then romped through the mud within the next ten minutes, and she has claimed all dog toys in the house as hers. Oh, and she TALKS. She is the most vocal dog I have ever seen. Not barking, but just short little grumbling sounds in response to most things we say. And if she is extremely worked up about something, she gives the most
adorable little howl.

Thank you SO much for bringing us together. She is exactly what my family and I needed, and I just can’t thank you enough. I’m sure she’d thank you too if she could. As I write this, she’s tucked right up against my side, finally passed out after her long day of playing and exploring her new home.

Take care, and thanks again!

-Amanda and Luna


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