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January 4, 2022

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Written by: Judy Stevens

Well, I’m happy to report that Marley’s Mutts has been able to aid in the rescue of 10, count em’ 10, horses that were destined for slaughter. The horses have been accumulating at the Bakersfield Pound over the last several months: some are stray, others were abandonned, and several were seized. The reality is that more and more people have been unable to keep up with rising feed costs and horses are ending up at local shelters. Being that we live and operate in Bear Valley, we though it’d be a good idea to pool together with our horse friends and see what we could do.

We went down to Bakersfield today with Anne and Erica (horse trainer and vet hospital buddies) and a couple of awesome gals named Linda Lainge and Donna Marolt, with hopes that we could rescue a few before they went to auction/slaughter on Thursday. The gals and the KCAC staff evaluated every horse and it was determined that we can save 10 of the 14-an unbelievable development!!

We are bringing the horses up to theTehachapi area on Friday and we are just ecstatic-quite frankly, I’m dumbfounded. I originally saw these horses a few months ago and decided to photograph them and report their story to a few friends of mine; who would have thought all of this would unfold.

I LOVE MY JOB and I LOVE MY FRIENDS! This is just the beginning of this odyssey. Over the next several months we will need to raise funds to feed and care for the horses while they are being handled, evaluated and trained. We need some HORSE LOVERS to step up to the plate and contribute. Let’s get it done, guys!!

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  1. I just saw the great news on the 11 pm news that you are aquiring the horses Is there a direct link with info on the horses I can share with my friends on Facebook ? I will work to get the doggy photos up too. You are doing an amazing thing caring for all these wonderful creatures. Bless you

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