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January 20, 2022

KGET Channel 17 News

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Written by: Judy Stevens

Zach was on the news tonight with Sonar, the adorable 8-week-old puppy who was found with his ears cut off.

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  1. Laurie Lundy

    I am very interested in adopting Sonar. I have an animal friendly home where I live alone. I have a yard and a large calm, loving home. I’ve owned a large dog before but, after she passed away from a congenital defect many years ago, I haven’t actively sought another dog. My kids are grown and now I would love an active companion to spend time with and join me for walks, and hiking. This little guy just touched my heart. I would love the opportunity to show him that people can be loving and trusted. Please contact me at 661-219-3687. We can talk any time.

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