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January 16, 2022

Let’s Bale Out The Horses

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Written by: Judy Stevens

Operation Horse Rescue has been a genuine community effort. The Girl Scouts of Troop 008, here in Bear Valley, have thrown their hats in the ring with “Bale Out The Horses.” “Bale out the Horses” is an effort spearheaded by the girls to help keep the horses’ belly’s full. A lot of these horses were found starving and the girls want to make sure that never happens again.They have teamed with Hemme Hay in Tehachapi who is offering $2 off any bale of hay that is donated to Marley’s Mutts and Operation Horse Rescue. Hemme will also be accepting cash donations towards hay. The project will culminate on Saturday the 21st of January when the troop holds their fundraiser at Hemme Hay in Tehachapi. Bale out the Horses has three “drop zones” for hay and money: Hemme Hay, The Pet Lodge/Tehachapi Vet Hospital, and the Bear Valley Equestrian Center. Way to go Troop 008, keep up the good work!! See the flyer below for details.

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