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January 7, 2022


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Written by: Zach

This tenacious tyke is Sonar and, as is plainly obvious, some scumbag cut his ears off with a crude, surgical implement—probably a knife or razor. I found Sonar at the Bakersfield Pound shortly after he was brought in. The awesome KCAC staff let me bring him up to Tehachapi immediately, which was crucial because severe open wounds like Sonar’s make a pup very susceptible to infection and disease. Dr. Anderson took a look at him and sent us home with antibiotics and instructions to keep his ears clean and treated. At first Sonar was a bit in shock, running a fever and incredibly scared. His apprehension has begun to dissolve and the other dogs here have not let him retreat into fear. Sonar has developed a great relationship with Ludwig (our 130 lb. Saint Bernard) and forged an adorable bond with Chloe, our Pit mix pup that we rescued from the same shelter. As I write this, the two of them keep me focused on my work by providing a constant background of play-banter, untying my shoelaces and chewing on my cell phone charger. Sonar will make a full recovery but will always bear the scars of his tormented past.

If you are interested in being a part of his glorious future, please contact Zach at 661-972-3852 or email

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  1. Cassie

    I cannot believe the cruelty of people, Sonar has such a sweet face and I know he will find an amazing home, but just in case I am going to email this little guys story on to a friend of mine, whose dad lives on a farm and has been looking for another dog. Thank you so much Zach for your amazing help to these very loving animals.

    (Izzy 8, Zoey 6, Rafiki 3)

  2. Jessika

    Thank You for saving Sonar & all the others! I sent you an email.

  3. Thank you so much for taking this beautiful puppy Sonar and helping her heal. I often wonder when I see all the horror stories about abuse, “How can the word Human be in Humanity” But when I see you, and Zack, and all the great work you do, I know that you are Angels on earth. Thank you a million times.

  4. Thank you for helping Sonar,to heal and all the other animals you help.All of this abuse just has to stop. My heart breaks everytime I read about animal abuse. Hope this person is found!

  5. Tasha temple

    Has he found a home? Or is he still adoptable??

  6. Crystal Mathis

    He is just the cutiest little thing. I can’t believe someone would be so mean.

  7. I am so in love with Sonar! I wish I could have him!

  8. Ashley Dunlap

    I really want to adopt this dog. He really pulls at my heart strings. I think he would fit in perfectly with me and Ryie. My boxer of 6 yrs. I can’t believe someone would do this to this precious baby.

  9. Lori Ovanessian

    Well he looks like a very special dog. I wish he was still adoptable…but so glad he is doing well and is going to be given a job! If he ever needs a home we would be very interested and the kids and all the animals on the ranch would love to welcome him to the family. Good luck with his training as a therapy dog, we just think that would be great for him. Keep doing what your doing Zach…

  10. Paulita fimbres

    how sad poor puppy i might look at adopting him but would like to go up there to see what he looks like in person he’s cute

  11. Jim

    Looking for a Australian Sheppard
    Or Border Collie.
    When you get one please let me know.
    They are such good ranch dogs
    I live in Stallion Springs

  12. Christine Cunningham

    Did Sonar ever get adopted? I was touch by her story and was wondering did she get her “Forever Home”. Her story brought tears to my eyes. Your rescue is amazing keep up the wonderful work you do.

  13. josh

    Christine, Sonar actually ended up staying with the rescue to help new rescued dogs integrate into the pack and help teach them socialization skills. He’s also in the process of becoming a therapy dog. Thank you for you interest…

  14. Teresa

    Do you have any updated pictures? Sonar should be a lot bigger now but I bet you he’s just as cute!

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