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January 22, 2022

Yappy Hour Huge Success!

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Written by: Judy Stevens

Yappy Hour was great this past Saturday. Despite terrible weather, which included hail and Mach-speed winds, we had an awesome time and tons of folks showed up to support us.

I owe the staff of the Pet Lodge a huge “THANK YOU.” They are incredibly supportive and put up with a lot of my crap (which included whining incessantly about not having a pop-up tent). I love my volunteers and Marley’s Mutts staff, for without them I would lose my mind 15 minutes into a Yappy Hour. Lisa, Pop, Sunny, Judy (and Chucky, too), Kerry, Shawn, Daleen, Karisa, and everbody else who pitched in-I need and appreciate you all!! Amelia Love and her crew of Bakersfield Boy Scouts came up to chip in and lend their support, which included a $200 donation of funds that they rounded up recycling. Stormy and the staff at Tehachapi Vet Hospital treated them to a guided tour of the facilities which included viewing a greyhound giving birth. This backfired to a certain degree because, after viewing the x-rays of the dog’s tummy, the kids kept asking “How did the puppies get in there?” Amelia and her fellow parents probably had an interesting drive home with an impromptu anatomy/biology lesson (or possibly just a simple “stork” explanation).

While we were holding down the fort with Yappy Hour, the Girls of Troop 008 were puttin’ in work with the “Bale out the Horses” fundraiser at Hemme Hay. They did an unbelievable job and raised about 100 bales of hay!! I repeat, that’s 100 bales of hay at about 18 bucks a pop- do the math!! Way to go girls, you rock!!

Vilkas, Emma Lou and one of our Husky pups were adopted on Saturday. We have gone through a lot with Vilkas, including removal of an abscess that had nearly a liter of fluid in it. Despite being a hybrid and extremely large (and potentially intimidating), Vilkas charmed everybody that he came in contact with- specifically the entire staff at the Tehachapi Veterinary Hospital.

We had several suitor’s visit with Nelson, Daisy and Gilbert. I think we may have a winner for Daisy, they are a very active couple with several kids and they are both stay at home- talk about a dream situation. I will have to find a quick replacement for her as I am incredibly codependent and have fallen in love.

As most of you now know, Sonar came down with pneumonia and is fighting for his life at the Tehachapi Vet. He is struggling but seems to be improving. i checked on him several times yesterday and he was doing well- off IV fluids and eating food. Keep your fingers, toes, paws crossed and I will keep you posted.

It is with great enthusiasm that I announce our next fundraising/adoption event and IT’S A BIGGY!! The Downtowner Hotel in Bakersfield has thrown their support behind us and offered up their facility (which is doggy perfect) for an event on February 4th (mark your Calendars!!) from 11 am-3 pm. WE NEED AS MUCH SUPPORT AS WE CAN MUSTER FOR THIS ONE! This is a great opportunity to branch out and is our first event outside of Tehachapi. The Downtowner has a beautiful Courtyard and huge grass area that makes it uber-suitable for a doggy event. We will post updates about the event and its particulars. Sonar will for sure be the lead attraction at the event but we will also be raising $$ for Operation Horse Rescue which has been a resounding success. In the meantime, please spread the word and make every effort to be there on the 4th of February.

We are incredibly lucky and very grateful to have the support that we do. Keep up the great work and we’ll do the same.

Z and the Mutts

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  1. Terry Davis


    Thank you for all the work you do with this. It is so nice to know there are people that care for these poor animals.

    God bless

    Terry Davis

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